Do you want to Manifest Your Soul Business, but are SHOCKED at how HARD you’re finding it?

That was me. A lifelong High Achiever in education to PhD level, in my career and even in sport – there was nothing I couldn’t do!

But when the achievements started to feel empty, especially after becoming a mum and circumstances conspired to finally galvanize me into starting the coaching business that had been calling me for decades…

It was SO much harder than I thought!

It took MORE than just learning and applying strategies like I’d done to create so much success in my life til then.

When I let me guard down, I’d ‘magically manifest’ clients only to then flip back into overthinking HOW I’d done it!

And the success I DID have I always judged as ‘not enough’.

Add to that the PRESSURE I put on myself to beat the previous big corporate salary and it’s no surprise I struggled!


That’s when I knew I had to take a step back and work on my own healing.

Healing the NEED to BE the High Achiever.

So I could stop creating offers and marketing campaigns that ticked all the boxes but were empty of the true energy of my offer.

That sounded great but didn’t own the DEPTH of my work.

And then tearing them down to start again!

And it’s been a journey! A journey of taking my own medicine!

To heal the deep fears triggered by the conditioning we’re raised in in western society.

That in my case had triggered me to MASK who I was and live my life as what I can see now was an elaborate performance of who I thought I needed to be to be safe in the world.

A mask so insidious to me that I didn’t even know it was there until I was 29!

But even after discovering it and doing so much work to drop the mask, whenever I went to CREATE in my business, that inner High Achiever was activated.

And I realised I had to create the SAFETY I thought the MASK was providing me inside of myself.

I knew that creating my soul-aligned business couldn’t be ACHIEVED through planning and strategising and applying myself alone.


And as I started to become masterful and truly consistent, manifesting;

– A job out of the blue that gave me the financial stability I needed

– A new boss that made it easier for me to create boundaries and heal my codependncy with the job

– A MASSIVE payrise out of nowhere that was completely unheard of

– A puppy, my dream car and membership of the posh gym I’d wanted to join for YEARS

I Manifested the LIFE That Was Calling Me

 That’s when life threw me an absolute barrage of curveballs!

 And the temptation to go back to trying to MAKE things happen was huge.

 But I knew this was my chance to MANIFEST the LIFE I truly desired.

 Instead of ACHIEVING what looked like the perfect solutions from the outside, but were really just what I thought I could get and not waht I TRULY desired.

It started with withdrawing an offer on the house I needed for me and my girls after separating from my ex that ticked most of the boxes but I didn’t LOVE. This was terrifying! I didn’t know if there was anything else out there I could afford and it felt IRRESPONSIBLE. But I knew I needed to find the courage.

 And it ended in manifesting my dream house.

 And helping my mum manifest the dream home for her and my dad following him unexpectedly ending up in a wheelchair.

 And that’s just the tip of the iceberg – we went through hell in that 10 month period, but I never lost faith and that was a first for me.

And having come through that? I KNEW I could manifest my soul business with consistently more-than-enough to support me and my girls in our beautiful new life!

Does this resonate? Do you KNOW you can create your soul aligned business and know you need help with the healing to drop YOUR mask so you can manifest the life and business that’s calling you?

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