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McIntyre Properties Estate Agent Dundee

 Which Estate Agent should I use in Dundee?

If you’re thinking of selling in and around Dundee, you may well be asking this question!

Especially with so many new estate agents in the area, how do you know which one is best for YOU?

There are a few things to consider that I’ll break down in this blog.


  • What are the different TYPES of estate agent businesses?
  • Which individual Estate Agent is best for you?
  • What are YOUR NEEDS in an Estate Agent and how to choose

Types of Estate Agent in Dundee

There are 3 main types of estate agent in Dundee;

  • Solicitor & Estate Agent
  • Independent Estate Agent
  • Online Estate Agent

Solicitor & Estate Agent

This is the traditional setup in which a Solicitor’s office that offers conveyancing also offers Estate Agency.
Examples in Dundee include Thorntons, Lindsays & Blackadders

  • Solicitor’s Estate Agents are very experienced and familiar with the legal aspects of buying and selling property
  • They are established and well known in Dundee and househunters will be familiar with them
  • All their listings are displayed on the TSPC (Taside Solicitor’s Property Centre) website
  • Solicitor’s Estate Agents tend to allow potential buyers to come to them through their well established listings
  • Some rely less on social media and so attract a different audience

Independent Estate Agents

What even is an Independent Estate Agent?! (Look out for my upcoming blog where I’ll break this down in detail!) for now, think of them as Estate Agents who are not part of a Solicitor’s practice.

There are several in Dundee including McIntyre Properties that I am part of. Others include Remax, Verdala & Rosie Fraser.

  • Independent Estate Agents will WORK HARD to sell your house! Why? Because that’s their sole source of income! AND they don’t get paid until your house sale is complete so they are HIGHLY motivated!
  • They use innovative and proactive marketing techniques to get your property in front of more potential buyers. Driving up interest and potentially the sale price!
  • They tend to offer a more personalised service, truly understanding YOUR goals as well as your buyers
  • They are the new kids in town and are changing the way we buy and sell houses! However all the ones mentioned here are fully compliant and insured.
  • Their listings don’t automatically go on TSPC, however they can list them there as well as on other platforms e.g. Zoopla & Rightmove

Online Estate Agent

Essentially these are Independent Estate Agents. I’ve listed them separately as they have less of a local presence and hands on approach then the local Independent Estate Agents mentioned above. Online Estate Agents include e.g. Purple Bricks & Yopa

  • Their fees can be cheaper and are sometimes fixed
  • When they first emerged, a major benefit was that online listings reached a global audience, however Independent Estate Agents also use platforms like Zoopla dn Rightmove to reach a global audience
  • Some offer a less ‘hands on’ service and can have less of a local presence
  • They generally expect the seller to conduct viewings or will charge per viewing

Which individual Estate Agent is best for you?

Now we’ve established the different TYPES of Estate Agent in Dundee, what are the differences between individual Estate Agents in Dundee?

Does it matter which Estate Agent in a firm you choose?

In short, YES! Each individual Estate Agent may have a different approach (depending on the firm) and different levels of performance.

Within the Solicitor’s Estate Agents, individual agents tend to perform in accordance with the company’s values, standards and processes. Which agent you choose within a firm could matter less in this case. Although I always recommend choosing an individual agent you align with (see below when we discuss your needs).

For Independent Estate Agents, it depends on how the firm is set up.

For Example, I am an Associate Estate Agent of McIntyre Properties. This means I have my own business under the McIntyre Properties umbrella.

McIntyre Properties provides me with everything I need to be compliant and insured and helps with admin and mentoring, but I have a lot of free reign on how I run my business.

I love blogging and social media to help homeowners with hints and tips. This showcases my knowledge, approach and personality. Others do more in person networking.

And my McIntyre Properties colleagues each have a unique, individual approach. So it’s worth getting to know us so you can decide who’s best for you!

Remax has a similar model in which each Independent Estate Agent runs their own business and is supported by the Remax brand.

Other independents employ Estate Agents similar to the traditional Solicitor’s Estate Agents. This allows their brand to grow in line with their values, with their employees operating within their vision.

What are YOUR NEEDS in an Estate Agent and How to Choose

This is the MOST IMPORTANT PART of choosing an Estate Agent!

Understanding YOUR needs is the key to helping you choose.
That’s why MY first step as an Estate Agent is understanding exactly that, as well as guiding you through the process of identifying your needs so you can choose best.

Contrary to the stereotype of an ’80s Estate Agent, I’m not just out to list every property and make the most money!
I want to make sure you choose the right Estate Agent for you.

That way, those that choose ME as your Estate Agent know I’m the one for you. You understand my approach. And you can relax and trust me to get the best price for your property in the quickest time.

But for me, it’s not just about the highest price and the fastest turnaround!
I’m all about the win-win.

Finding the RIGHT buyer for your property.

Why? I truly believe the old Dundee saying ‘What’s for ye won’t go by ye’ and the right house is out there for every buyer.

Sometimes, you just have to be brave enough to go for what you truly want and not just what you think is possible.
And when you find the RIGHT buyer, they pay the right PRICE. AND the whole process tends to run more smoothly as everyone’s energy is aligned.

That’s enough about me for now!

Here are some questions to ask yourself about what YOUR house sale;

  • What’s most important, getting the highest price or the quickest sale?
  • Does it matter to you the type of person who buys your house? For some it’s purely financial, others want to think of their beloved home going to someone who will appreciate it – there’s no right answer, it’s what matters to you.
  • Is your ideal buyer local, national or global?
  • Do you want to do viewings or have the Estate Agent do them?
  • Do you want regular persoanlised updates or just to be contacted when things are happening?
  • Do you feel more comfortable with a traditional Solicitor’s Estate Agent or would you prefer the more dynamic approach of an independent?

Once you have an idea, I’d encourage you to get a valuation.
Use the opportunity to TALK to the Estate Agent and get a feel for whether they meet your needs.
Choose an estate agent who shares your vision for your property value and selling startegy and who’s approach you like.

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