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Are you ready to stop self-sabotaging and successfully launch but unsure how? Join me on a call where we’ll identify exactly what’s holding you back and the next level success you’re ready for!

Total Transparency: This is a 6 week 1:1 coaching program

My clients’ success ranges from;

– Signing their first high end client

– To creating their first 5-figure month

– To their next multiple 5-figure launch of the offer they really wanted to make

Whether you’re ready for your first high ticket client or your next 100 person launch, let’s get you moving fast!

The investment to stop sabotaging once and for all & successfully launch the offer that’s calling you is £1,500

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Client Success

You heard about H’s success in the training video & I wanted to give you more time to read about other client successes below, 
Whatever your next level is, let’s stop your self sabotage and make it happen faster than you’d think!

Hilde couldn’t stop procrastinating and sabotaging her marketing efforts. When she discovered and alchemised her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online (especially if she failed!)… She LAUNCHED her offer and made £3K in a week. And that’s not all! She COULDN’T WAIT to do her next launch that made her a further £15K!
Hilde Kloppbakken,

Sharon 'didn't want to die having lived a wasted life'. She knew she had so much more to give and wanted to work with clients ready to do what they came here for. Together we re-connected Sharon to her wild soul and she manifested her first high-end client and now teaches other women to manifest their desires.

Sharon Eden,

Mhairi was ‘ashamed of her turnover’. Surrounded by start-up entrepreneurs boasting 6-figure turnovers, Mhairi felt like she was way behind. When she owned the Truth of how she’d continually grown her business whilst becoming a mum to twin babies, she found the confidence to LEAD her market and soon had her first 5-Figure (£18K!) month.

Mhairi Towler,

Jane was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis. When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her! She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients! Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 😇
‘This is the offer I always wanted to make but didn’t think I had the hungry market for!’ Janet told me on re-launching her membership program the way she KNEW her clients needed.

Now she had the confidence to trust her gut MORE than what she thought the market wanted. The response to her initial post was incredible, leading to a launch of £30K+.

Janet Murray,

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