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Should I Sell My House When Interest Rates Are Rising

Should I Sell My House When Interest Rates Are Rising?

In uncertain times, it’s hard to decide if you should put your house on the market, right?!

Everyone gets a little more cautious, but it’s not necessarily the right thing for YOU to do.

And that’s what I want to explore in this blog and help YOU decide what’s right for you.


There are 3 main areas to consider when you’re asking ‘Should I Sell My House When Interest Rates Are Rising?’;

  • Your Personal Situation
  • Demand For Property
  • Buyer Behaviour

Let’s look at them in turn and help you decide!


Your Personal Situation

This is by far the most important factor in your buying decision!

People always need (or want!) to move house whatever the market conditions are.

Whether you’re relocating, your family needs are changing or you’ve been saving for ages and finally have the money but are worried it’s not the right time!

Let’s start by busting one of the biggest myths in the property market;

There is NO RIGHT TIME to sell or buy a new home!

Whether it’s a buyers or a seller’s market; whether the economy is boom or bust!

People are always still buying and selling houses and you can too if you decide (after finishing this blog!) it’s right for you.

There are pros and cons in most property market situations and scenarios and we’ll get to that shortly.

But first of all ask yourself why you want to move now?

If it’s a relocation you may feel like you don’t have much choice.

But there are always choices – you could rent your home for the time being.

If it’s your growing family, you could squeeze in together a little longer!

And if you’re just dying for a bigger home, you could always wait and save a little longer.

But you don’t necesarily have to!

Let’s explore Demand for Property & Buyer Behaviour then I’ll guide you through your next steps to decide.

Demand for Property

As interest rates increase with the hope of them reducing in the not too distant future, people have become cautious about putting their proprty on the market.

You may hear people saying it’s a buyer’s market.

But with fewer properties on the market, there’s still a good level of demand for the properties that do come up.

This is keeping property prices bouyant.

Buyer Behaviour

One of the biggest influences on buyer behaviour is lending by the banks and mortgage providers.

Providers are still lending, but depending on personal circumstances it may be less than previously.

And it may be at a lower Loan to Value (LTV)

This can mean buyers are not able to offer as much over the asking price.

Which may sound like bad news for you selling your house…

BUT it also may mean you can get that dream house for LESS over the asking price, especially with less competition.

So, having looked at your personal situation, demand for property and buyer behaviour…

Are you more confused than ever?!

I hope not, but if you are, don’t worry!

Here are the steps you can take next to come to the right decision for you;

How to Decide If I Should Sell My House When Interest Rates Are Rising;


  • If you’ll be needing a mortgage, get a Decision in Principle from your Bank or Mortgage Adviser
  • Set up alerts on Zoopla for the sort of properties you’re looking for and get to know the prices they’re going for.
  • Get a Free Valuation and find out what your house will sell for in the current market.
  • Once you have all that information, sit down and look at your finances, discuss it with your partner or anyone else involved in your household finances
  • And now you’re in a situation to know what feels right for YOU.

And if you DO decide to put your house on the market, remember you don’t have to sell until you get the offer that’s right for you.

Ready for your Free Valuation to help you decide? We can chat through your personal situation when I come round to help you decide.

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