Manifest Your

Soul-Aligned Business

Your Truly Soul-Aligned Business is a Co-Creation from Soul that Can’t be Fully Realised with Logic & Strategy

And when you are Overthinking, being lured by trends or strategies, you are not co-creating. You’re actually holding back the manifestation of your soul-aligned business!

And I get it. Stopping overthinking and trusting my guidance has been the hardest part of manifesting the life I’m destined for too!

And most manifestation teachings didn’t go nearly deep enough to enable me to finally let go overthinking and stop sabotaging my manifestations before they had time to be realised.

So I did it myself! I followed my own path. Away from marketing my soul work in a way that felt tainted.

To creating financial security for myself and my kids, whilst deepening my intuition, my trust of the process and my ability to hold myself through the discomfort of not knowing.

Manifesting a job I wasn’t looking for, a BIG payrise I didn’t ask for and no-one else got, my puppy, my dream yellow Jeep and ultimately my dream house along the way!

And these are all wonderful, but for me the greatest gift is that I TRUST myself, the universe and the manifestation process with everything – it’s become my way of life.

And that’s when I knew I was ready to come back to business without fear of being side-tracked by the latest trends, ‘guaranteed strategies’ and noisy proclamations of all the things you ‘must do’ to ‘be successful’ in business – ugh!

Because if you ‘must do’ anything that’s not soul-aligned? That’s not ‘success’ to me.

And if you feel the same then you’re in the right place.

I’ve created this 1:1 coaching offer to help you get out of your head and into flow every day using my Fear 2 Flow practice.

Once you’re consistently in flow, we’ll review your soul clients, offers and message to ensure they’re truly soul-aligned.

I have a gift for seeing very specifically what it is about your gifts and story that make you perfect for your soul aligned clients in amazing detail.

And reflecting it back to you in a way where it feels like coming home to the deepest truth.

Then we’ll create a simple daily practice of stepping into flow, sharing your message as you’re guided to and being in receiving mode as you go about your day (this part is deceptively simple and the key to RECEIVING your manifestations!)

If you already know this is for you, click below to message me and we’ll get started!

Or read on for a little more detail on my Fear 2 Flow practice and everything that’s included in this 90 day 1:1 coaching program.

Manifest Your Soul-Aligned Business

90 Day Coaching Program

Move through conditioning so you’re consistently operating from intuition & inspiration.  Align with the next level Soul Clients, Message & Offer that’s calling you. Create a simple daily structure to focus your flow.

 Fear 2 Flow – Half Day Intensive & Daily Practice

In our first 2-3 Hour intensive, I’ll guide you through Fear 2 Flow – my signature practice that takes you from acting on your conditioning into intuition, inspiration and flow.

We’ll use a trigger you want to work through to access the personal beliefs that have you tending to be too much ‘in your head’.

The beauty of Fear 2 Flow is it actually uses your highly intelligent overthinking brain against itself to switch off overthinking, spiralling and sabotaging!

Then we’ll reclaim your Truth. Not ‘rainbows and unicorns’ positive thinking that you don’t actually believe. But the objective truth, free from the untrue stories that drive conditioned behaviour.

This is the solid foundation from which you’ll create your next level soul-aligned offers and message and manifest your soul clients.

Following on from the intensive, Fear 2 Flow will become your quick, simple daily practice to access flow consistently.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing mysterious about getting in flow. With Fear 2 Flow you can get there anytime you choose. You’ll step into flow each day and know the aligned actions to take to attract your soul-aligned clients and grow your business.

You’ll have full messenger access to me as well as weekly calls to help you fully embody the process and shift any more stubborn triggers.

Within a week or so, you’ll be able to recognise triggers and flip them to flow in the moment.

The more you practice Fear 2 Flow, the more you stay in flow and the less you’re triggered.

And this is when you really start to build momentum in your business (and all areas of your life!)

Identify Your Next Level Soul Clients, Offers & Message

This is the second half day intensive at around week 5

Once being in flow becomes your new normal, you’ll start to recognise where you’ve been filtering your true desires.

This is where we own the next level clients and deeper work that’s been calling you.

Through your story of how you’ve come to feeling called to create this business, I’ll guide you to see the exact soul clients who are calling you and why you are the perfect guide for them in a way you can deeply receive and own like never before.

It’s usually not a huge change in direction.

More a deepening of your offer and giving yourself permission to offer what you truly desire, rather than what you’ve been conditioned to believe will sell.

You’ll start to feel renewed excitement and passion for your business!

And with conditioning gone you’ll have the freedom and courage to share what you’re most deeply called to.

It still takes a little courage and I’ll teach you to hold yourself through any discomfort of showing up truly unfiltered.

This is when things really start to change and within a short space of time your soul clients begin to be consistently magnetised to you and you’ll realise you’re living the life that’s been calling you!

Simple Structure to Support Your Soul’s Highest Expression

Flow becomes your strategy – with a little structure to stay focused.

With your Soul Clients, Offer and Messaging aligned, we’ll put some simple daily structure in place to step into flow and take action from a place of deep connection to your heart and your calling.

Flow becomes your strategy – with a little structure to stay focused.

In 3 simple steps!

Fear 2 Flow – you’re well practiced at this within the first few weeks of the program

Regular Messaging Your Way – this will flow naturally once you’ve identified your next-level messaging.

HOW you share your message is different for everyone and entirely your choice.

We’ll work together to identify the media and platform(s) that enable your light to shine brightest with the greatest ease and flow.

Staying in Receiving Mode – this is often a vital missing piece to allowing all of your manifestations to be received!

Once you’ve done your soul-aligned work for the day, it’s crucial that you energetically ‘lean back’. Instead of low-key stressing about your business – even when you tell yourself you’re chilling!

This is simply getting on with your day in a relaxed, accepting, open state of mind.

It doesn’t have to look like spa days or Netflix binges! It can look like getting on with housework and looking after kids!

All from a place of aligned flow.

And a key step is creating time to INDULGE in the activities that bring you into flow.

Together we’ll explore the activities that bring YOU into flow – these are likely the things you only ‘allow’ yourself to do when you feel like you’ve been ‘productive enough’ – and that usually never comes!

This is completely unique to everyone, some examples are; walking in nature, playing a musical instrument, singing, dancing, reading fiction or watching TV, listening to inspiring podcasts or videos and even chatting to friends.

When you’re in empowered flow, messaging regularly and following your intuition, you’ll find you have faith that what you’ve done is more than enough and you can allow yourself to relax and indulge in the fun activities that open you up to receiving even more inspiration as well as consistent clients.

And the more you do this the more you’re in flow and TRUST that intuition and clients flow to you consistently.

And this is when momentum builds and you start to take your soul-aligned business beyond what you could ever have strategised for or even dreamed of!

This is the life that’s calling you and the daily practice of Fear 2 Flow, Regular Messaging and Being in Receiving Mode IS the ‘strategy’ to take you there.

The Details

Here’s how we’d work together in your 90day 1:1 coaching program;

90 Day (12 Week) 1:1 Private Coaching Program

2 x Half Day Intensives in week 1 and approximately week 5

10 Weekly Coaching Calls (the remaining 2 of the 12 weeks are when we do the intensives)

‘Unlimited’ Messenger Access (Quotation marks because I’m human and won’t always respond immediately, but you can message as much as you like and I’ll get back to you the same day Monday-Friday)

Fear 2 Flow Intensive (2-3 Hours)

I’ll guide you through my signature Fear 2 Flow practice.

Working with your triggers,we’ll identify and transform your conditioning into powerful truth (without bypassing or convincing yourself). This is the solid foundation from which you’ll co-create the business and life that’s calling you.

Fear 2 Flow becomes your simple daily practice for getting and staying in flow. 

Unlimited Messenger Support

I encourage you to ustilise this to the max within the first few weeks while you master Fear 2 Flow. 

You’ll naturally need less support as you become established in your own practice, but I’m here if you need me 🙂

Weekly Calls

We’ll use these calls to transform your triggers, continue working on your Soul Clients, offer and message and to establish your personalised simple daily structure.

Soul Clients, Offer & Message Intensive (2-3 Hours)

I’ll guide you into seeing the TRUTH of how your gifts and story make you perfect for the soul-aligned clients who are calling your offer through you. Often this is a subtle tweak – but it can change everything!

Clients tell me this feels like coming home. You can stand firmly grounded in this truth with no need to hype yourself and no urge to hide this truth. This is when you start to shine you’re true light unfiltered and become magnetic.

Then we continue to work together through the weekly calls so you can consistently share it with the world


The investment for the program is significant in line with the shift this will make to your business and all areas of your life. However it’s low in comparison to the benefit you’ll receive both during the time we work together and afterwards as you continue to flow higher and deeper into your soul-aligned life, business and calling;

3 monthly payments of £1,100 = £3,300 total


£3,000 paid in full.

I’m Ready to Manifest My Soul-Aligned Business!

Yesss! Let’s do this!

Start a Facebook messenger chat OR book a call to make sure we’re a great fit, discuss exactly how this program will work for you and let’s get your Fear 2 Flow Intensive booked in! 

Example Client Results

It’s likely you’ll start to receive soul-aligned clients more consistently in the 90 days we work together or soon after. Your exact results are as unique as you are and depend on where you’re at on your path when we begin, as you’ll see from some of the examples below.

For some it’s their first client, for some it’s their first successful launch doing what they REALLY desire and not what they think they have to to make sales. I’ve never had a client not create results through doing this work and I wanted to give you some examples of what’s possible.

J Overcame Shame & Booked Out Her Coaching Practice

J was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis.

When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her!

She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients!

Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 

H Stopped Procrastinating & had 2 successful launches

H was so ashamed of the procrastinating that was sabotaging her marketing efforts.

When she discovered that her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online were driving her procrastination she was shocked!

After using Fear 2 Flow, she couldn’t hold back, finally LAUNCHED her offer successfully and loved it so much she went on to do another even bigger one!

S Let Go Resentment & Signed Her First Coaching Client

S was sick of working on her childhood trauma after decades of therapy. She told me she ‘didn’t want to die having wasted her life’.

Using Fear 2 Flow and intuitive practices I guided her through, she finally let go her past and the resentment that went with it and moved on.

With her new-found energetic freedom she switched from hourly charging that she was frustrated didn’t take her clients far enough and sold the first place on the transformational coaching offer that delivered her true soul’s work.

JM Successfully Launched the Offer She Thought Wouldn't Sell

 JM knew  that if her clients gave her a year, they’d walk away with amazing sustainable results that would keep growing.

But the marketing advice she’d been given was that ‘people want a quick result’

Working together, she reclaimed her truth and stepped up as the leader for her people and had a super-successful launch of the year long membership she’d always wanted to offer but thought wouldn’t sell.

M Overcame Comparisonitis & Surpassed a Big Income Goal


M knew she could create better results for her clients wih less work, but she was holding back on leading the way.

Using Fear 2 Flow  we uncovered her ‘shame of her turnover’. Surrounded by start-up entrepreneurs boasting 6-figure turnovers, she felt like she was way behind.

When she owned the Truth of how she’d continually grown her business whilst becoming a mum to twins, she found the confidence to LEAD her market and flew straight past her elusive financial goal, almost doubling it!

Hi, I’m Laura Lucas!

Lifelong High Achiever with a calling to express my most soul aligned work in my business!

As a High Achiever from an early age in school, academia (PhD no less!) and my career, I always felt pulled towards more and more meaningful (to me) work.

And in my 30s, the calling led me to my coaching business. I wanted to manifest the fulness of all that wanted to be expressed through me in my life and business!

And I loved it and did amazing work with wonderful clients!

But I could FEEL that I was filtering my deepest message. My conditioning kept lapsing back to putting logic and strategy first and it dimmed my light and distorted my message.

That’s when I manifested a detour back into the corporate world that I knew deep down was my path to healing the conditioning that kept taking me off path once and for all.

It’s been quite a journey in which I’ve healed old patterns and made manifestation my way of life. Culminating in manifesting my dream house and ultimately my return to my coaching business.

Throughout this time, I’ve loved the deep knowing that I’m on my path and would always return to my coaching business.

I’m excited to help others align fully with their deepest calling, release any conditioning holding them back and manifest their most deeply soul-aligned business! 

Is Manifest Your Soul-Aligned Business the Program for You?

The people who will get best results from this program;

Are called to express your soul’s highest calling in your business

You know the next level you’re called to requires acting from intuition & heart more than logic and strategy


You’re ready to commit to a simple daily practice to move through your conditioning into flow


Most of my clients already have a good idea who you’re soul clients are and are showing up on social media. This program can be a great way to start you’re online business if you’re committed to you’re soul’s work though, message me to make sure you’re a good fit.


You want to manifest more soul aligned clients consistently with ease


You know that I’m the one to guide you.

I’m Ready to Manifest My Soul-Aligned Business!

Yesss! Let’s do this!

Start a Facebook messenger chat OR book a call to make sure we’re a great fit, discuss exactly how this program will work for you and let’s get your Fear 2 Flow Intensive booked in!