Move out of your head and into flow everyday & any time you’re triggered.
6 Week coaching program to transform limiting beliefs, master the practics and create from flow

 When you’re in flow, you’re co-creating with the universe!

And too often we get stuck in our heads!

Fear2Flow is a mind, body & energy practice to move from your conditioned mind, fears and triggers into aligned flow every day and any time you’re triggered.

Breaking News! Bonus Manifestation Module Added to this AMAZING program!

To celebrate the manifestation of my first 1:1 VIP client since launching my coaching program last month, I am adding a FREE manifestation module to this program!

The manifestation of my client was inevitable because I understand all the elements to put in place as well as how to hold myself through the uncertainty whilst manifesting.

It’s not a step by step process, it’s a following of the nudeges, releasing fears, conditioning and resistance and a BECOMING the person who receives the manifestation!

That said, there are elements to put in place. They look and feel different for everyone and sometimes they come in different orders…

And that’s why I’m not TEACHING it, I’m coaching you through it.

I don’t know exactly what’s included in this module!

It’s a co-creation. There will be a class where I share all the elements with examples from my own manifestations.

And I’ll coach you through the elements of YOUR manifestations in the group coaching calls and in the Facebook group.

All this on top of the Fear2Flow workshop, weekly group coaching & Facebook group for the frankly ridiculous price of £300.

I can’t wait to celebrate YOUR manifestations!

In this 6 week group program;

– I’ll teach and guide you through the Fear2Flow Practice in a 3 hour group workshop.

– You’ll be guided through your own trigger and shift into flow in real time.

– With spot coaching to help you through any more stubborn beliefs (and benefitting from witnessing your fellow group members)

– With a little practice, you’ll soon be able to dissolve any trigger and move into flow in real time!

– From the very first session, you’ll feel a massive shift that’s hard to explain. Check out my video below for a flavour of Fear2Flow in action!

– We’ll have weekly group coaching calls.

– There’s a Facebook group to practice where we’ll check-in daily and get my help to move through your triggers.

– You have the option to partner up and practice together (highly recommended!)

– I’ll be in the group to answer questions and will pop in with livestreams sharing my own daily practice and working through my triggers in real time.

The amazing introductory price for this is £300 (An absolute steal given that my 90 Day 1:1 coaching, the main place I teach this is £3,000!)

We start the first week of January and as if this offer wasn’t amazing enough, I’m gifting you a free group coaching call when you join before in 12th December!

Click the button to make your payment at via Paypal and I’ll e-mail you with all the details within 24 hours.

Fear2Flow is the practice that got me out of my head and into flow so I could make manifestation my way of life.

I’ve manifested a high paying job followed by a massive payrise, both out of the blue, my puppy, my dream yellow Jeep and ultimately my dream house, all using this daily practice and using it every time I was triggered.

Check out the video below for a flavour of how it works. The example I use on the video is a business one, but you don’t have to have or want a business for Fear2Flow to work and massively benefit you in living your best life!; 

 Fear 2 Flow

In our 3 Hour group workshop, I’ll guide you through Fear 2 Flow – my signature practice that takes you from acting on your conditioning into intuition, inspiration and flow.

We’ll use a trigger you want to work through to access the personal beliefs that have you tending to be too much ‘in your head’.

Each person in the group will follow the process working through your own trigger in real time as I guide you, then there’ll be time for group coaching to ensure everyone moves through their trigger into flow.

The beauty of Fear 2 Flow is it actually uses your highly intelligent overthinking brain against itself to switch off overthinking, spiralling and sabotaging!

Then we’ll reclaim your Truth. Not ‘rainbows and unicorns’ positive thinking that you don’t actually believe. But the objective truth, free from the untrue stories that drive conditioned behaviour.

This is the solid foundation from which you’ll create in flow with the universe.

Following on from the workshop, Fear 2 Flow will become your quick, simple daily practice to access flow consistently.

Contrary to popular belief, there’s nothing mysterious about getting in flow. With Fear 2 Flow you can get there anytime you choose. You’ll step into flow each day and know the aligned actions to take to attract your soul-aligned clients and grow your business.

Together, we’ll check in inside the Facebook group each day and I’ll be there to answer questions and help you into flow.

You can bring any more stubborn triggers to the weekly coaching calls.

And practice with your partner in your own time as much as you like!

Within a week or so, you’ll be able to recognise triggers and flip them to flow in the moment.

The more you practice Fear 2 Flow, the more you stay in flow and the less you’re triggered.

And this is when you really start to build momentum in your business (and all areas of your life!)

The Details

Here’s how we’d work together in your 90day 1:1 coaching program;

6 Week Group Coaching Program

3 Hour Intensive Workshop

5  Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Free Facebook Group

Bonus Manifestation Module

Manifestation Module - FREE BONUS!

Added in celebration of my the manifestation of my first VIP 1:1 Client on Black Friday!

I’ll share all the elements that manifest desires into reality with examples from all of my own amazing manifestations!

And coach you through the elements of YOUR manifestations – because every manifestation is different and it’s so much more than following steps – it’s the BECOMING of the you who receives your desires!

This bonus alone is worth 3 times the program price! 

Fear 2 Flow Workshop - 3 Hours

I’ll guide you through my signature Fear 2 Flow practice.

Working with your triggers,we’ll identify and transform your conditioning into powerful truth (without bypassing or convincing yourself). This is the solid foundation from which you’ll co-create the business and life that’s calling you.

Fear 2 Flow becomes your simple daily practice for getting and staying in flow. 

Facebook Group

Check-in daily, ask questions and get my help to move through your triggers into flow.

Bonus livestreams where I’ll share my daily practice and work through triggers in the moment so you can learn from my examples.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

Hotseat coaching to help you with any more stubborn triggers and answer your questions. Witnessing other group members will help you in your practice too.


The current introductory price for this 6 week group program is £300. The VALUE is way beyond this level of investment! That’s because I want as many people as possible to be able to live fully from their heart!

Click the button to make your payment at via Paypal and I’ll e-mail you with all the details within 24 hours.

Example Client Results

Here are some examples of results my 1:1 clients have created using Fear2Flow every day.

The examples below are all business examples, but you don’t have to have a business for Fear2Flow to make a massive difference to your life! It’s what I used to manifest my own financial security, dreamhouse, lots of other amazing ‘stuff’ and most of all the absolutely priceless feeling that I’m living my ‘real’ life every day – even though it’s not perfect!

For some it’s their first client, for some it’s their first successful launch doing what they REALLY desire and not what they think they have to to make sales. I’ve never had a client not create results through doing this work and I wanted to give you some examples of what’s possible.

J Overcame Shame & Booked Out Her Coaching Practice

J was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis.

When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her!

She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients!

Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 

H Stopped Procrastinating & had 2 successful launches

H was so ashamed of the procrastinating that was sabotaging her marketing efforts.

When she discovered that her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online were driving her procrastination she was shocked!

After using Fear 2 Flow, she couldn’t hold back, finally LAUNCHED her offer successfully and loved it so much she went on to do another even bigger one!

S Let Go Resentment & Signed Her First Coaching Client

S was sick of working on her childhood trauma after decades of therapy. She told me she ‘didn’t want to die having wasted her life’.

Using Fear 2 Flow and intuitive practices I guided her through, she finally let go her past and the resentment that went with it and moved on.

With her new-found energetic freedom she switched from hourly charging that she was frustrated didn’t take her clients far enough and sold the first place on the transformational coaching offer that delivered her true soul’s work.

JM Successfully Launched the Offer She Thought Wouldn't Sell

 JM knew  that if her clients gave her a year, they’d walk away with amazing sustainable results that would keep growing.

But the marketing advice she’d been given was that ‘people want a quick result’

Working together, she reclaimed her truth and stepped up as the leader for her people and had a super-successful launch of the year long membership she’d always wanted to offer but thought wouldn’t sell.

M Overcame Comparisonitis & Surpassed a Big Income Goal


M knew she could create better results for her clients wih less work, but she was holding back on leading the way.

Using Fear 2 Flow  we uncovered her ‘shame of her turnover’. Surrounded by start-up entrepreneurs boasting 6-figure turnovers, she felt like she was way behind.

When she owned the Truth of how she’d continually grown her business whilst becoming a mum to twins, she found the confidence to LEAD her market and flew straight past her elusive financial goal, almost doubling it!

Hi, I’m Laura Lucas!

Lifelong High Achiever with a calling to express my most soul aligned work in my business!

As a High Achiever from an early age in school, academia (PhD no less!) and my career, I always felt pulled towards more and more meaningful (to me) work.

And in my 30s, the calling led me to my coaching business. I wanted to manifest the fulness of all that wanted to be expressed through me in my life and business!

And I loved it and did amazing work with wonderful clients!

But I could FEEL that I was filtering my deepest message. My conditioning kept lapsing back to putting logic and strategy first and it dimmed my light and distorted my message.

That’s when I manifested a detour back into the corporate world that I knew deep down was my path to healing the conditioning that kept taking me off path once and for all.

It’s been quite a journey in which I’ve healed old patterns and made manifestation my way of life. Culminating in manifesting my dream house and ultimately my return to my coaching business.

Throughout this time, I’ve loved the deep knowing that I’m on my path and would always return to my coaching business.

I’m excited to help others align fully with their deepest calling, release any conditioning holding them back and manifest their most deeply soul-aligned business! 

Ready to join the Fear2Flow Group Program at the amazing Black Friday Offer of £100 instead of £300? AND get a bonus group coaching call in December before the program starts first week of January?

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