Embodied Faith

Trust Yourself. Trust the Universe.
Create Your Life-Changing, Abundant Business. NOW!

You Create What You Are …

And what you TRULY are is infinitely and uniquely valuable to your soul clients.
And you have deep faith that you’re here to co-create an infinitely and uniquely valuable life and business with the help of the universe. So why haven’t you created your infinitely valuable life and business yet?!

Because you’ve not EMBODIED YOUR FAITH

The truth is you spend more of your time driven by unconscious beliefs that have you CREATING more of your fears and doubts than your desires!

Fears like;

‘Are my soul clients are really out there…?’ – that manifest as ‘not enough soul clients

‘Does anyone actually WANT what I’m offering?! – that manifest as no-one willing to pay your prices

‘Can I REALLY make money consistently with this dream?’ – that manifests as a financial and emotional rollercoaster

You’re not alone!

I get it! …


  • Hiring coaches to help you ‘nail the missing piece’ and never following through on their ‘guaranteed strategies’
  • Quitting showing up JUST as you start to build momentum – JUST before your breakthrough!
  • Having aaaallll the breakthroughs but never translating it to business success
  • Getting on a roll with clients and money only to bring it grinding to a halt with your fears that ‘you won’t be able to keep it going!

I hear ya! I’ve been there, done it and bought the t-shirt! And so have my clients! Until we did the deep work through my Divine Alchemy Practice to;

  • Discover
  • Deactivate and

The deep unconscious beliefs that were DRIVING us to live our FEARS instead of our dreams;


Jane was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis. When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her! She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients! Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 😇

‘This is the offer I always wanted to make but didn’t think I had the hungry market for!’ Janet told me on re-launching her membership program the way she KNEW her clients needed.

Now she had the confidence to trust her gut MORE than what she thought the market wanted. The response to her initial post was incredible, leading to a launch of £30K+.

Janet Murray, janetmurray.co.uk

Hilde couldn’t stop procrastinating and sabotaging her marketing efforts. When she discovered and alchemised her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online (especially if she failed!)… She LAUNCHED her offer and made £3K in a week. And that’s not all! She COULDN’T WAIT to do her next launch that made her a further £15K!

Hilde Kloppbakken, girlonfire.no

And me, Laura Lucas

I never believed I DESERVED to have clients JUST for doing the deep work. I hid behind my clients results. And when I OWNED the value of that deep work AND my deservingness? I manifested coaching clients out of THIN AIR!

Atheist scientist (PhD – no less), turned guide for spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s been exactly the sort of journey you’d imagine!

Bullied at school from an early age, I found validation in the predictable security of logic. Sacrificing any chance of playground popularity for the approval of adults!

And I continued to figure out the rules and conform to create success climbing the corporate ladder.

My awakening spiritual curiosity combined with spectacularly crashing and burning out of my dream job within 6 weeks of getting it initiated me on my journey to overcome overthinking, tune into my guidance and co-create my business with the universe, manifesting miracles along the way!

It’s been a rollercoaster. And the scientist in me has discovered the deeply practical ways to STAY embodied in my faith to grow my business and share them with you!


How did we do it…?

With Divine Alchemy, my signature practice and the cornerstone of my Embodied Faith 3 Month 1:1 Coaching program…

Divine Alchemy

  • It’s a mindset and energetic practice that uses ‘trigger events’ in your daily life to access the deep, unconscious fears driving your sabotaging behaviours.
  • I guide you down through the layers of beliefs until we discover the original pattern, usually activated in childhood.
  • The logical, step-by-step element of Divine Alchemy demonstrates to your overthinking mind that your fear is simply untrue and that de-activates it.
  • Whilst I hold space for the energetic shift by honouring the experience and fear you’ve carried.
  • Then guiding you into the truth that re-frames your past and becomes the solid foundation on which you finally CREATE the vision your soul is calling you to!

The shift is instant.

But it’s called a PRACTICE for a reason! It’s the PRACTICE of stepping into that truth on a daily basis that manifests the changes in your life.

That’s why we co-create a personalised practice that works with YOUR life and enables you to step into that truth daily.

AND to recognise when you’re triggered into fears so you can easily turn them around and get back into your truth.

As you COMMIT to your practice, you’ll notice your intuitive guidance come through more and more consistently (one client started receiving angelic guidance as a result of this process)

A further outcome of our initial Divine Alchemy Intensive is that you INTIMATELY understand your gift and PRECISELY how it activates your soul clients better than ever before.

And exactly how YOU embody the very transformation they’re craving right now!

Your inspired message to your soul clients emerges effortlessly as a result!

No more forcing yourself to show up consistently for tick-box marketing!

You show up exactly as your soul clients need you in YOUR inspired way. No 2 of my clients show up in their message in the same way!

And yet they all magnetise their soul clients!


Introducing Embodied Faith! Here’s how it works…

It’s intuitive and fluid – you get what you need WHEN you need it. Here’s what’s included;

3 Month (12 Week) 1:1 Private Coaching Program

There are 2 x 4 Hour Intensives and 10 xweekly 45min-1hr calls over Zoom and unlimited messenger access over the 12 weeks. Intensives can be arranged in person in Dundee, Edinburgh, London or other locations – book a discovery call with me to arrange it! 

Divine Alchemy Intensive (4 Hours)

Discover, deactivate and transform the limiting beliefs that are driving your sabotaging behaviours. Re-discover your gifts in intricate detail and intimately understand precisely how they activate your soul clients.

Unlimited Messenger Support

Especially in the first 3 weeks til you stabilise in the vibration of your new truth.

NEW! - Life Audit

I bumped around randomly dealing with my issues for FOUR YEARS. When I finally got to the root of things I realised the evidence was there all along. A SYSTEMATIC exploration would’ve uncovered it all! So I’ve introduced the Life Audit so you don’t have to! I intuitively guide you through a systematic audit of your Relationships, Finances & Health. We’ll root out anything and everything that’s sabotaging you! 

Weekly Calls

We continue to transform what’s not serving you and co-create your message, offers and strategies as they come up.

#SoulStrategy Intensive (4 Hours)

When the inspiration starts to flow we harness it to create your soul-aligned offers, message and ‘sales and marketing strategy’ – inverted commas because it just doesn’t FEEL like sales and marketing!

Then we continue to work together through the weekly calls tweaking your #SoulStrategy so its working consistently to sign your clients!

Investment Options

3 x Monthly Payments of £1,500 – total £4,500 OR Pay in full £4,000, saving £500.

Is Embodied Faith the Program for You?

It’s NOT For You If…


You’re not willing to face your deepest fears – it’s seriously not for the faint-hearted


You DON’T WANT to overcome your shame and TELL THE WORLD your message. It’s ok that you’re scared now. I never thought I’d come out of the spiritual closet to my beloved atheist dad, but after doing this work I’m SO glad I did 🙂


You don’t 100% believe that you create your own reality


You want to keep arguing for your limitations! Your shame IS different to everyone else’s and I deeply honour that. But just like everyone else’s it CAN be overcome. If you allow it.

It’s SO For You If…

You’re determined to express your soul’s highest calling in this lifetime no matter what.

You’re fed up of your results not doing justice to your gifts – you KNOW your powerful gifts are meant to change the world.


Your ready to do what it takes to BE in your faith.


You know that I’m the one to guide you.


Woohooo! I’m so excited you’re READY to EMBODY YOUR FAITH!

Choose a payment plan below and I’ll be in touch to arrange your Divine Alchemy Intensive as soon as I see the notification! (Within 24hrs)


Got questions? Want to make sure we’re a fit?

Message me your questions or book a discovery call to discover EXACTLY how the program will work for YOU