Divine Alchemy Group Intensive

Alchemise Your Life. Fulfill Your Destiny

Your Soul’s Calling is Your Truth. Alchemise Your Fears and OWN IT!

You have a MASSIVE calling that you KNOW the world needs. But you’re so damn hard on yourself you can barely get out of the gate!

You’re like a Jekyll & Hide between;

Super-capable over-achiever who’s ready to change the world! AND

Terrified doubter, holding yourself back because you’re not GOOD ENOUGH.

And right now? Your inner loser is winning.

But channeling your over-achiever is NOT the answer. She’ll crumble at the first sign of imperfection and you’ll shrink back into loser-ville. You know it, because it’s the cycle you’re LIVING!

It’s time for you to QUIT this cycle. Because BOTH your inner over-acheiver and loser are a DELUSION.

The TRUTH is where that massive calling came from. You DO have a world-changing gift and everything you need to BRING it to your soul-clients who NEED, want and are willing to PAY you right now for it.

The Divine Alchemy Intensive will bring you INTO that truth like Dorothy waking up into the technicolor land of Oz!

You’ll SEE the full power of your gifts in intricate detail (Believe me, you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ yet)

You’ll RECOGNISE the admirable values and precise qualities of the soul-clients you’re MEANT to work with.

You’ll STEP INTO that new reality. The version of you who confidently brings your unique soul-offering to the world and SELLS IT OUT.

You’ll see that ‘You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself’ ~ Glinda the Good Witch

It’s TIME to REALISE Your Massive Vision!


The Divine Alchemy Group Intensive will guide you into your TRUTH so you can confidently birth and sell out the programs your soul knows the world needs


  • Discover and transform the beliefs that drive your sabotaging behaviour
  • EMBODY the truth of who you are – FOR GOOD. No more succumbing to doubt & sabotage
  • Develop your personal Daily Devotional Practice to consciously embody and REPRESENT the Conscious Leader of your mission that you truly are
  • Systematically review every area of your life to identify exactly where you’re acting out of alignment in MAKE THE PRACTICAL CHANGES to bring your life in line with your vision
  • Connect with your inner guidance YOUR WAY. Maybe it’s a vision, a knowing, Maybe you’ll start to channel angels like my client Jane! However you receive it your practice will hold you in alignment with your truth so you have the courage to ACT on it
  • Download the offers your soul has been BURSTING to deliver – not what you ‘think’ people will pay for – no compromise. Your soul clients WANT what’s coming through your soul.
  • SHOW UP in your soul-aligned message to call in your clients in a way that feels SO GOOD you can’t hold back. Maybe it’s in person? On stage, on video, through painting, dance, photography! Or maybe it is posting in Facebook groups! There’s no ‘right’ path to your soul clients except your soul’s path and you’ll have the confidence to show up in it
  • Master the art of HOLDING SPACE for the clients and results you desire. Free from the need to control and micromanage, free from doubt. Wide open to receiving GRACE and delicious, miraculous manifestations

You’re not alone!

And you really CAN realise your vision, like my other clients…
Jane was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis. When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her! She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients! Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 😇

‘This is the offer I always wanted to make but didn’t think I had the hungry market for!’ Janet told me on re-launching her membership program the way she KNEW her clients needed.

Now she had the confidence to trust her gut MORE than what she thought the market wanted. The response to her initial post was incredible, leading to a launch of £30K+.

Janet Murray, janetmurray.co.uk

Hilde couldn’t stop procrastinating and sabotaging her marketing efforts. When she discovered and alchemised her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online (especially if she failed!)… She LAUNCHED her offer and made £3K in a week. And that’s not all! She COULDN’T WAIT to do her next launch that made her a further £15K!

Hilde Kloppbakken, girlonfire.no

And me, Laura Lucas

I never believed I DESERVED to have clients JUST for doing the deep work. I hid behind my clients results. And when I OWNED the value of that deep work AND my deservingness? I manifested coaching clients out of THIN AIR!

Atheist scientist (PhD – no less), turned guide for spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s been exactly the sort of journey you’d imagine!

Bullied at school from an early age, I found validation in the predictable security of logic. Sacrificing any chance of playground popularity for the approval of adults!

And I continued to figure out the rules and conform to create success climbing the corporate ladder.

My awakening spiritual curiosity combined with spectacularly crashing and burning out of my dream job within 6 weeks of getting it initiated me on my journey to overcome overthinking, tune into my guidance and co-create my business with the universe, manifesting miracles along the way!

It’s been a rollercoaster. And the scientist in me has discovered the deeply practical ways to STAY embodied in my faith to grow my business and share them with you!


How did we do it…?

With Divine Alchemy, my signature practice and the cornerstone of the Divine Alchemy Group Intensive

Divine Alchemy

  • It’s a mindset and energetic practice that uses ‘trigger events’ in your daily life to access the deep, unconscious fears driving your sabotaging behaviours.
  • The logical, step-by-step element of Divine Alchemy demonstrates to your overthinking mind that your fear is simply untrue and that de-activates it – it’s amazing! Like flipping a switch – even for my super-overthinking brain! 😂
  • Whilst holding powerful space for the energetic shift by honouring the experience and fear you’ve carried – it’s a beautiful, deeply healing experience 😍
  • Then re-claiming the truth that re-frames your past and becomes the solid foundation on which you finally CREATE the vision your soul is calling you to!

The Divine Alchemy Group Intensive Starting November 12th 2018

It really is INTENSE! And it’ll change your life if you let it…

Module 1: Divine Alchemy

Excavate and alchemise the core unconscious limiting beliefs and habitual programs that drive your overthinking, self doubt and perfectionism

Heal and cut energetic ties with traumas you’ve carried for a lifetime
Discover the FULL glorious truth of who you REALLY are and gain newfound confidence in your calling. BECOME her.

Module 2: Embody Your Divine Gifts & Inspirational Journey

Intimately understand and articulate your divine gifts
Discover how truly inspirational your journey is when you release any and all shame surrounding what happened to you, what people will think of your gifts and your insecurities around your lack of extensive track record in this area
Consciously EMBODY this version of you as a daily (and moment to moment) practice.
Energetically attract your soul clients
REPRESENT yourself as the conscious leader of your movement with your daily aligned message and to ACTIVELY call in your soul clients

Module 3: Aligned Life Audit

Systematically review your relationships, finances and health to identify the areas you’re acting out of alignment with your soul’s vision and TAKE ACTION to bring them into alignment.
This is where shit gets real. Alignment is MORE than your thoughts and emotions It’s your daily habits and actions. To BECOME the woman who creates your soul’s calling, you get to come into alignment in EVERY area of your life.
This is not for the faint hearted! But it is SO worth it. This is how you create the LIFE you’re dreaming of. Your very own heaven on earth.
And when you do? The universe delivers the STUFF you think creates it! (The clients the money, the relationships, the body!) And by then it’s just the cherry on top!
And you’re fully supported by Laura, the group, your accountability partner and the Difficult Graceful Conversations Training Bonus

Module 4: MANIFESTING the Vision. NOW.

There’s a reason this module is last! Because it’s only once you’ve DONE the deep work to come into alignment with your vision that you’re actually capable of calling it in.
This is where you begin to get and STAY in alignment moment-to-moment for long enough to ACTUALLY call in your clients.
Birth your soul aligned vision
Alchemise your doubts
Rrrrrampage it into existence!
Receive guidance
Take aligned action
ACTUALLY REALISE your manifestations (sold out soul-aligned offers)

Weekly Group Coaching

Hotseat coaching to receive my personalised guidance and intuitive insights to bring you deeper and more fully into the truth of who you really are
Fine tune your Divine Alchemy practice to root out stubborn sabotaging beliefs masquerading as truth

Facebook group

Get daily access to me, answering your questions, coaching you into deeper discoveries and guiding you more fully into alignment
Get the support and accountability of a like-minded community, make friends and who knows? Collaboration partners? Clients? We’ll have to wait and see the magic unfold!

Daily check-in threads

Guys, this is an INTENSIVE experience. It’s more than a group program and will TAKE more than showing up for the modules and coaching.
PRIORITISE this work daily. That’s what it takes.
This is your gift to yourself that enables you to BECOME the version of you who creates your highest calling.
It all starts with a simple daily check-in. And when you need it, I’ll help and support you fully into alignment and as we go through the intensive, you’ll get better and better at doing it for yourself.

Call Times

Calls will be on Mondays and Thursdays starting Monday 12th November until Thursday 20th December 
I’ll offer a choice of times and go with the most popular to allow folks from different timelines to attend
All calls will be recorded so you can immerse yourself in listening on repeat and in case you miss a live call
VIP participants will be sent a link to book your 1:1 calls in week 2 (you’ll get most benefit after you’ve immersed yourself in module 1!)


Juicy Bonuses to Help you Implement the Modules – for Everyone Who Joins! 🙂

Bonus 1: Accountability Partner

Divine Alchemy is a simple process and the more you PRACTICE it the better and quicker you’ll become at instantly alchemising the thoughts that bust you out of alignment.

Work with your accountability partner to practice together as often as you like.
Optional of course, and highly recommended.
This will be driven by participants and facilitated with a thread in the group to help you find a suitable partner (in a similar timezone with common businesses or interests)

Bonus 2: Group Intention-Setting Call

 This intensive is more than the sum of its parts. In this call I’ll set the tone as I invite you into this alchemical container and invite each of you to introduce yourselves and set intentions.

The more intimately we know each other, the more we can support each other to deeper transformations.

Bonus 3: Daily Devotional Practice Training

Indispensable support tool to create your daily embodiment practice alongside module 2 that you’ll LOVE to do – no discipline required

Bonus 4: (Difficult) GRACEFUL Conversations Training

Make ‘difficult’ conversations, beautiful, transformational, bonding experiences when you deeply SEE the other party in the conversation and get on the SAME SIDE of the problem to co-create a solution.
You’ll need this for the Aligned Life Audit! 😉


More Juicy BONUSES!!! For Earlybirds till 5th November

Join now to get them ALL!!!

Earlybird Bonus 1: Manifestation for Control Freaks Training

5 hour-long transmissions to move through your limitations, bring you into alignment and up your manifestation game – these are videos to watch / listen to time and again and make a great addition to your Daily Devotional Practice.


Earlybird Bonus 2: 45min 1:1 Call

Receive my personalised guidance into deeper awareness of your unconscious beliefs and patterns and have your gifts more fully and intimately reflected back to you with my experienced intuitive insight.


Investment Options and AWESOME UPGRADES!

Investment Options

VIP (Upgrade 1)

Upgrade to receive 2 x 1:1 calls in addition to the program content. You’ll really MILK the value from the modules by allowing me to GUIDE you deeper into the truth of who you are with even more detail around your gifts and expanding the bounds of your ambition for your mission and the incredible soul clients you’re ready for NOW!

MEGA In Person Luxury VIP 1:1 Day! (Upgrade 2)

Join me in London on 17th or 19th November for a luxury intensive VIP day in a glamorous 4 Star central London hotel. We’ll go deep with Divine Alchemy, birth your soul-aligned offer and even get the message out to your soul clients. You could have your first sales ON THE DAY!

AND you receive full access to the Group Intensive to stabilise in your new vibration and GROUND in the truth of the next-level version of you that emerged on the day!

OMG when this bonus popped into my head I was so excited! I wanted to buy it for myself 😂😂😂 And I FELT your energy receiving that same THUNDERBOLT of excitement as you joined me in the vortex of the AMAZING life you’re stepping into!

I can’t wait to meet the physical you too!

£2,500 for the VIP Day and you get the Group Intensive (Yes the one I’m selling right here for £2,000!) for FREE. If you love 1:1, VIP, luxury and London along with your deep soul transformation, this is a NO BRAINER for you!!!!

Is Divine Alchemy the INTENSIVE Program for You?

It’s NOT For You If…


You’re not willing to face your deepest fears – it’s seriously not for the faint-hearted


You DON’T WANT to overcome your shame and TELL THE WORLD your message. It’s ok that you’re scared now. I never thought I’d share my spirituality with my beloved atheist dad, but after doing this work I’m SO glad I did 🙂


You don’t 100% believe that you create your own reality


You want to keep arguing for your limitations! Your shame IS different to everyone else’s and I deeply honour that. But just like everyone else’s it CAN be overcome. If you allow it.


You DON’T like working intensively. This is an all-in kinda program


You’re NOT willing to prioritise the SOUL WORK. If you’re gonna tell me you’re too busy for your daily practice or to alchemise fears in the moment, don’t waste your time with this program!

It’s SO For You If…

You’re determined to express your soul’s highest calling in this lifetime no matter what.

You’re fed up of your results not doing justice to your gifts – you KNOW your powerful gifts are meant to change the world.


You LOVE to dive deep into the soul work and make it your priority – you know that’s where the REAL results come from!


You LOVE to bring your DEEP soul transformations into the REAL world!


Your ready to do what it takes to BE in your faith.


You know that I’m the one to guide you.

I’m Ready to Alchemise my LIFE!

Woohooo! I’m so excited you’re READY to ALCHEMISE YOUR LIFE!

Choose a payment plan below and I’ll be in touch to to add you to the Facebook group and arrange your 1:1 calls or IN PERSON VIP (if applicable) as soon as I see the notification! (Within 24hrs)


Got questions? Want to make sure we’re a fit?

Message me your questions or book a discovery call to discover EXACTLY how the program will work for YOU