Create the Business That’s Calling You 1:1 Private Coaching

You’re here to answer your calling through your business!

But where are all your clients?!

You’re calling is HUGE! And you can’t see HOW you’re gonna get there from where you are right now.

And you’ve tried all the strategies! You start out so excited and certain only to come crashing back down to your current reality…

Here’s what’s going on; Your VISION is from the heart and your clients want and need what you’re offering. But you’re afraid to fully show what’s in your heart. Is it enough? Will people even want it?! What if you get rejected? These are the fears that hold you back, even if you don’t consciously believe them.

And When you can hold yourself through that fear and show up authentically from the heart without any need to justify or convince…

The clients who are searching for your true offer find you and the business that’s calling you starts to grow consistently

Hilde couldn’t stop procrastinating and sabotaging her marketing efforts. When she discovered and alchemised her fears of what folks back home would think of her showing up as a leader online (especially if she failed!)… She LAUNCHED her offer and made £3K in a week. And that’s not all! She COULDN’T WAIT to do her next launch that made her a further £15K!
Hilde Kloppbakken,

HOW Do You Break Free?

Break Free of Your Limitations

1. Alchemise the triggers of your conditioning to discover your TRUTH

  • The INSPIRATIONAL TRUTH of your story (not the stories of how you’re ‘not enough’ that you’re telling yourself!)
  • The TRUE VALUE of your unique gift to your soul clients in intricate (like forensic level!) detail
  • Your True MESSAGE and offer to your Soul Clients – what they’re truly craving – not what you THINK will sell

2. Live in INTEGRITY with what you deeply know to be True about the Universe

  • That you get to RECEIVE all of your desires (clients, money, doing your soul work) BECAUSE YOU DESIRE IT
  • That you don’t NEED to create it and make it all happen from your human brain
  • That you RECEIVE GUIDANCE that will bring you and your desires together when you ALLOW it

3. RECOGNISE when you’re being driven by your conditioning and RETURN TO YOUR TRUTH

  • This is the hard part and where the rubber meets the road!
  • You can do and have done steps 1& 2 before. Many times even!
  • It’s the COMMITMENT and support to KEEP DOING Step 3 UNTIL YOUR DESIRES MANIFEST that will take you from struggling to LIVING your Highest Calling

With deep CLARITY on your Gift, your Soul Clients and your VALUE to them and the COURAGE to keep believing even BEFORE they start to show up – you’ll be amazed how easily you start to Manifest Your Soul Business full of dream clients!


Jane was holding deep shame about a mental health diagnosis. When she CLEARED it she saw that OVERCOMING that INCURABLE diagnosis was exactly what would inspire her clients to hire her! She packed out a speaking gig and FULLY BOOKED her practice with soul clients! Oh, and did I mention she started to channel angels?! 😇

Manifest Your Soul Biz!

12 Week 1:1 Private Coaching with Me! Laura Lucas 🙂



Manifest Your Soul Biz – How it Works

This is a guided personal journey from your 3D conditioned limitations to the 5D energetic creation of your SOUL’S HIGHEST CALLING!
Here’s how we’ll work together;

1 x 4 Hour Divine Alchemy Intensive that transmutes all your fears, guilt and shame into the Truth of your Gift, your Message and your Story. This intensive shifts you into the paradigm of living your soul’s highest calling. The rest of our work is catching your human life up to it!

Daily ‘Intensive Care’ – check in with me via messenger each day as you LIVE into the new Truth you’ve discovered. I’m there to show you when you’re slipping back to conditioned thinking and guide you back into your Truth when you’re triggered. I request a daily check in during the first 3 weeks or so until you begin to stabilise in your new vibration. You continue to have unlimited messenger access throughout.

10 x Weekly coaching calls to support you in bringing your life and business into integrity with your Truth.

1 x 4 Hour Soul Strategy Intensive to gain complete clarity on Your Gift, Your Message, Your Soul Clients, Your Offer and Your Pricing – we’ll know when the time’s right for this.

BONUS Free Aligned Launch (Worth £1,000!) – With ME! Your Aligned Launch Buddy! For the Next 3 People Who Join! The TRUTH of exactly how amazing you are, exactly what your clients will achieve and why they’d be crazy not to hire you is CRYSTAL CLEAR to me. And when I write YOUR SALES PAGE you’ll want to buy your own offer!

That’s what happened for my client Kate who went on to sell 87 copies of her Marketing Planner and make $17,750 in sales!

This is a new offer exclusive for my 1:1 clients that I’ll be launching it as an add-on to my 1:1 for £1,000 (Which is an absolute steal for the copy alone, never mind the support through your launch!)

And it’s available FREE only for the next 3 people who sign up!

The Investment?

1x £4,000 OR 3 x Monthly Payments of £1,500

Ready?! Book your discovery call or message me for the details of exactly how we can work together to manifest your soul business your way 🙂 Or if you know you’re ready, pick a payment plan and I’ll e-mail you straight back to arrange your 1st intensive!


‘It’s like I wrote it but better!’ That’s what Kate said every time I sent her a sales page or a new post for her launch! ‘And just being able to post it rather than have to write and get into over thinking kept me going throughout the launch when I might have slowed down and made less sales

Kate sold 87 copies of her marketing planner – that’s over $17,750 sales!

Kate McQuillan,

About Me – Laura Lucas


Atheist Scientist Turned Guide For Soul-Called Entrepreneurs

I never believed I DESERVED to have clients JUST for doing the deep work. I hid behind my clients results. And when I OWNED the value of that deep work AND my deservingness? I manifested coaching clients out of THIN AIR!

Atheist scientist (PhD – no less), turned guide for spiritual entrepreneurs, it’s been a journey of returning to ever-deeper layers of my forgotten Truth.

A coach and alchemist to the core of my being, I see BEYOND your circumstances and stories to the TRUTH of how amazing you are, what you’re HERE to do, who it’s for and exactly why it’s SO valuable!

I’ve done it all my life unconsciously! I’d have casual conversations and people would come back and tell me they quit the job, ended the relationship or popped the question!

It was quite shocking to realise the impact I have! And I was also often unpopular for sharing the Truth.

Bullied at school from an early age, I found validation in the predictable security of logic. Sacrificing any chance of playground popularity for the approval of adults!

And I continued to figure out the rules and conform to create success climbing the corporate ladder.

Although always being called by my soul – at the time I described it as looking for ‘meaningful work’. Until I started to truly awaken, lying in bed at night when I had a good enjoyable, well paid job and wondering when my real life would begin… when I’d find my destiny…

Be careful what you wish for! I continued my quest for work I truly loved where I could make my difference in the world only to spectacularly crash and burn out of my dream job within 6 weeks of getting it!

It initiated me on my journey to overcome overthinking, tune into my guidance and co-create my business with the universe, manifesting miracles along the way!

It’s been a rollercoaster. And the scientist in me has discovered the deeply practical ways to STAY in deep integrity with my Truth and Manifest My Soul Business!


More Client Results


‘This is the offer I always wanted to make but didn’t think I had the hungry market for!’ Janet told me on re-launching her membership program the way she KNEW her clients needed.

Now she had the confidence to trust her gut MORE than what she thought the market wanted. The response to her initial post was incredible, leading to a launch of £30K+.

Janet Murray,

Mhairi was ‘ashamed of her turnover’. Surrounded by start-up entrepreneurs boasting 6-figure turnovers, Mhairi felt like she was way behind. When she owned the Truth of how she’d continually grown her business whilst becoming a mum to twin babies, she found the confidence to LEAD her market and soon had her first 5-Figure (£18K!) month.

Mhairi Towler,

Sharon ‘didn’t want to die having lived a wasted life’. She knew she had so much more to give and wanted to work with clients ready to do what they came here for. Together we re-connected Sharon to her wild soul and she manifested her first high-end client and now teaches other women to manifest their desires.

Sharon Eden,

Ready to Manifest Your Soul Business?

Choose a payment plan below and I’ll be in touch to arrange your Divine Alchemy Intensive as soon as I see the notification! (Within 24hrs)


Got questions? Want to make sure we’re a fit?

Message me your questions or book a call to discover EXACTLY how the program will work for YOU with no obligation

What is Divine Alchemy?


Divine Alchemy

  • It’s a mindset and energetic practice that uses ‘trigger events’ in your daily life to access the deep, unconscious fears driving your sabotaging behaviours.
  • With the help of my Higher Self, I guide you down through the layers of beliefs until we discover the original pattern, usually activated in childhood.
  • The logical, step-by-step element of Divine Alchemy demonstrates to your overthinking mind that your fear is simply untrue and that de-activates it.
  • Whilst I hold space for the energetic shift by honouring the experience and fear you’ve carried – this is beautiful and deeply healing.
  • Then guiding you into the truth YOUR Higher Self sees in you that re-frames your past and becomes the solid foundation on which you finally CREATE the vision your soul is calling you to!

The shift is instant. I can’t put into words how profoundly and instantly it changes your world! And as a favourite client says ‘You can never unknow what you find’

But it’s called a PRACTICE for a reason! It’s the PRACTICE of stepping into that truth on a daily basis. Living in integrity with it that manifests the business and life you know you’re meant to be living.

That’s why we co-create a personalised practice that works with YOUR life and enables you to step into that truth daily.


Who Is Manifest Your Soul Business For?

This IS For You if;

You’re here to express your soul’s highest calling through your business
You’re READY to hold the FAITH and follow your GUIDANCE whatever it takes (I’ll help ya!)
You WANT to receive GUIDANCE consistently and practically from your Higher Self and are willing to follow it
You WANT to share your soul’s message – even if there are parts you don’t want to share right now. You MAY change your mind! But you ALWAYS get to choose what you share
You’re determined to express your soul’s highest calling in this lifetime no matter what.

It’s NOT For You if;


You just want a strategy to run a consistently profitable business – nothing wrong with that, but there are easier ways!


You want a guaranteed step by step strategy (It kinda is, but the STRATEGY is to follow your GUIDANCE so I can’t tell you want it looks like til we do the work)


You’re not willing to do the deep work of facing and alchemising your fears and fully expressing your soul


You don’t want sharing your message and your story to be part of your work


You think I’m gonna give you the answers and that’s gonna solve all your problems. I’ll guide you to the answers inside of you

I’m Ready to Manifest my Soul Business!

Yes! You Are! Welcome home to who you’ve always been and creating the life you’re meant for!

Choose a payment plan below and I’ll be in touch to arrange your Divine Alchemy Intensive as soon as I see the notification! (Within 24hrs)


Got questions? Want to make sure we’re a fit?

Message me your questions or book a discovery call to discover EXACTLY how the program will work for YOU with no obligation