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About me, Laura Lucas

My journey from atheist, scientist (PhD), over-achiever to #Soulfirst spiritual entrepreneur…

It’s been quite a ride! 

And if you’re an over-achiever called to shift from push and logic to faith and flow?

You’re in the right place! Especially if it excites and terrifies you in equal measure!

I FEEL you! Not too long ago I thought I’d NEVER have the courage to come out of the spiritual closet to my beloved atheist dad!

But I’ve also never let FEAR hold me back from anything!

In fact, transforming fear to deep, divine truth through my signature practice, Divine Alchemy is my speciality.

And sharing my full true self with my dad, my hero, was one of the stand-out most beautiful moments of my life.

And getting fully behind the value of my gifts and spirituality in my business became easy.

And of course there’s way more to it! Click the video for the juicy details and to check out my vibe and for more of my story check the blog regularly 🙂