Do you want to Manifest Your Soul Business, but keep sabotaging with your overthinking? 

I hear ya!  You’re probably used to overachieving in masculine-energy corporate and academic environments.

You’re intelligent and good at beating yourself up to tick the necessary boxes to achieve success! 

But it never satisfied your soul.

And you’re so much more than a box-ticking societal overachiever!

You’ve discovered a deep spiritual connection. A gift you’re called to share with the world through your business.

You’ve even manifested a few amazing Soul Clients magically!

But it’s not consistent! And you keep trying to ‘figure out’ the boxes you ticked to allow those magical manifestations!

And that’s the overthinking that sabotages the very manifestations you’re calling in!

You CAN stop overthinking! And when you do you, you connect to your guidance and have the courage to follow it. And that’s when you start to manifest the soul clients and business you’re called to!

But you CANNOT beat yourself up into stopping overthinking!

It takes understanding WHY you’re an overachiever… WHY you overthink everything.

And changing your perspective (your whole world really!) so you can LIVE the truth that’s being called through you.

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