You love your ‘fans’ and they love you. But they don’t pay the bills!

You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re on all your livestreams, comment and share all your stuff. They fangirl on you, think you’re wonderful and are a bit in awe of you.

It’s a wee bit embarrassing! Like your wee brother’s friend having a crush on you in school! I mean, it’s flattering and sweet. But if YOUR crush saw you with him he’d never take you seriously!

And your client-crushes are like the cool older dude. You’ve seen the way they look at you. You know they like you. You want to BE one of their crowd.

You’ve even fantasised about COACHING someone like that. But why would they ever need YOU?!

They’re not just way cooler. They’ve got all this stuff figured out. They should be coaching YOU, right?

And yet… you can’t shake the feeling that if you only met and spent some time together they’d see that YOU are the one for them.

Just like your schoolgirl celeb crushes!

Only this time you’re RIGHT.

How do I know? Been there. Done it. Bought the t-shirt.

I’ve always known I’m MEANT to work with people who seem materially to be ‘further ahead than me’.

Same for you? You KNOW you’re capable of way more than you’re doing… if ONLY someone would give you a chance to operate at that level?

That’s how I’ve felt my whole life and the amazing news is YOU DON’T HAVE TO WAIT! Keep reading and I’ll show you how to get your next-level break!

I coached my boss’s boss in corporate. ‘Higher up’ peeps always gravitated towards me for help and I always felt totally comfortable helping them.

Then in my business, my very first client approached me and I was like ‘What could teach her ?! She’d been in business longer. Had an AMAZING Facebook page and following and seemed to be CRUSHING IT!

And yet she was plagued by mindset demons and I knew I could help her with that and I did.

And it became a pattern in my business. Whenever I got that feeling ‘who am I to teach her?! We got brilliant results working together. And it became my sign that this was a soul client!

But there was more for me to step into. More for me to own and claim!

Although I knew ‘further ahead’ clients got the best results working with me – it’s like I activated them to a higher level. And I knew deep in my heart and soul that this is how it’s meant to be for me…

I still questioned in my logical brain if this was ‘in integrity’. And it wasn’t really my question.

It’s an echo from the old paradigm. The old paradigm that most of humanity still occupy.

The ”age of the expert”. Which while it’s still thriving in the old paradigm, is completely defunct in the new paradigm.

And if you resonate with that feeling of KNOWING you’re meant to operate on a higher level? Even if you feel frustrated that you don’t know HOW you can get a chance?

You, like me, are being CALLED to LEAD THE WAY into the new paradigm.

The new paradigm in which the ‘age of the expert’ is over.

The classic coaching model of ‘target people a few steps behind you and help them do what you did’ DOES NOT, WILL NOT and CANNOT work for us.

Even though it’s still working for people who haven’t been called up into the new paradigm yet.

The new paradigm in which we lead our soul clients to places we’ve never been.

We don’t teach old systems that we’ve learned.

We share our evolution real-time and allow the fresh energy of our current breakthrough to ACTIVATE our clients into their next-level vibration!

Following our intuition one step at a time. In faith and trusting that although we can’t see what we’re building until we’ve done it that it’s perfect for us and our clients!

And it’s TERRIFYING to our egos!

Especially because all the success we had BEFORE our spiritual awakening came from being CRYSTAL CLEAR on what we’re creating and building it step by step.

But what we build from TODAY’S clarity is out-of-date immediately on completion because we EVOLVED in the creation of it.

To create what we’re TRULY being called to, we’re necessarily BLIND to what it looks like because we’re only vibrationally READY for the next step.

We grow into who we’re becoming in the creation of what we’re building and we’re only ready for it AS we complete it.

And it’s the same for our clients. It’s a co-creation.

And as spiritual entrepreneurs answering our calling, the BUSINESS side of things is our achilles heal.

This is where we tend to DOUBT our intuition most and get sucked into old-paradigm business rules.

And following the ‘age of the expert’ model, we’re targeting clients who are NOT READY for us (the fangirls).

They’re further down the vibrational scale and that’s why it feels like they just don’t have the vision or the boldness to go where you want to go.

It feels like you’re pushing them all the way. You feel like you’re being mean because you’re pushing them too hard and you want to help them.

You try to create content that’ll help them and it just feels wrong and like you’re trying to explain an iPhone to someone who’s never even seen an old style dialling telephone!

And all the while you’re pandering (harsh, but true) to the fans who will NEVER be ready for you (because you’ll have evolved beyond them)…

You CAN’T SEE your soul clients and they can’t see you.

And even when you get the nudge that you’d LOVE to work with that amazing cool person, you just CAN’T see them as your clients. You can’t SEE what you’d do to help them.

The same as the indigenous South Americans couldn’t see Columbus’s ships because they just weren’t vibrationally available to see them!

And to finally ACTUALLY see and attract and RECEIVE the soul clients you’re MEANT to work with right now? You have to BLIND yourself to the old paradigm logic.

Like when Luke Skywalker was practicing lightsaber and Obi Wan Kenobi told him ‘Feel the force, Luke’ and he put on the blindfold and let the force guide him to beating the lightsaber practice ball thingy he was fighting. And ultimately to firing the shot that destroyed the death star.

If he followed his logic (sight) he would have FAILED.

Like you’re failing to see and attract and sign and serve your soul clients now.

And I KNOW what it’s like to sign a client you logically have no idea HOW you’re going to serve and to simultaneously KNOW you’re meant to work with.

And to trust that and deliver the BEST EVER results of any of your clients. And no. This has never failed. The only clients I’ve ever had dissappointing results were ones I felt logically like I was ahead of.

And I know what it’s like to GUIDE my clients to their next-next-level clients.

It’s my gift. I feel into the experience they give their clients and FEEL the clients who are truly ready for the next-level transformation they’re being called to.

And better still, I channel it back to them in PRECISION DETAIL that they can not only see and feel and know to be true, but can SPEAK TO in their message.

And attract in TRUST and FAITH that they can SERVE serve these clients at the HIGHEST LEVEL even though, logically they can’t see ‘how’.

This is what it means to truly make your SOUL the CEO of your business.

To be completely soul-expressed and step into your HIGHEST CALLING. Fulfilling your destiny now like you always knew you were meant to.

To become a #SoulFirstCEO.

This is your mission if you choose to accept it. And frankly, until you do, I can’t help you.

And if you DO?

I invite you to the #SoulFirstCEO Initiation. My 3 month 1:1 program to ACTIVATE you into your highest calling.

Your first step? Contact me NOW.

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