There’s SO much to do to make your business successful, it’s tempting to think that HUSTLE is the answer.

And boy did I try it!

Until I became the #SoulFirstCEO. Until I realised that for US spiritual entrepreneurs answering our calling to make our DIFFERENCE in the world AND make bank?

Hustle is NOT the answer. Hustle’s not the answer for ANYONE. But we’ll leave the muggle entrereneur’s to figure that out for themselves;-)

In fact the MORE you HUSTLE? The MORE you HAVE to hustle.

Because once you buy into the idea that you have to DO all the things or indeed ANYTHING to receive all you desire?

You’re OUT of ALIGNMENT and immediately UNWORTHY.

And when you feel unworthy of receiving the clients, the money, the followers, the APPROVAL?

You’re not a vibrational match to RECEIVING them and you CAN’T let them in!

As a spiritual entrepreneur, you have FAITH that universe provides unconditionally. Ask and it is given. Your work is to be in alignment with RECEIVING. And receiving with GRACE.

And yet even in our faith, most of us have beliefs and conditioning that we have to EARN what we desire.

To work hard, be smart, ‘give value’, SERVE (and SO many spirtual entrepreneurs fall into OVERGIVING!)

And when you come into the world of online business and marketing, ALL the messages about the things you MUST do to have a successsful business play right into that conditioning.

And cut you off from your faith and guidance and have you hustling yourself to NOWHERE except BURNOUT and dissillusionment!

Your work is to know you are completely worthy NOW.

As I’m typing this I’m listening to 3 of my favourite affirmations on a loop;

I am a child of the universe, I deserve all I desire, I have no need to earn it‘ <--- that's the truth that you know deep down and your work is to WORK form that faith in your business.

And I get that that’s easier said than done. But it CAN be done.

And when you create a practice to BE in that space every day and STAY there?

You RECEIVE inspired actions that lead to sold out events, a diary full of enquiries who become perfect soulmate clients <--- actual results my client’s receiving now.

AND you RECEIVE miracles! Clients form thin air, money from long forgotten investments, business growth that DEFIES logic <--- actual results I’ve received seemingly out of the blue!

And I’m teaching EXACTLY how to create YOUR practice to BE in alignment with your worthiness, be in FAITH in every moment and co-create the business success that you KNOW is your birthright in my Masterclass on Thursday.

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