Please unfollow me if you’re not willing to ACT on your highest calling no matter what.

I know it’s not easy. God knows I know!

I know the world’s telling you you’re crazy for wanting more.

For refusing to accept the ‘reality’ that not everyone gets everything they want.

For being SELFISH enough to even ASK for more.

For not settling for a ‘good enough’ life like everyone else!

And that’s no excuse.

Last week I got inspired to STEP UP and be SEEN in my message for YOU.

The spiritual entrepreneurs with a MASSIVE CALLING to bring your gift and change the world through your business.

To share my message that the rules of business are DIFFERENT for us.

To stop you being sucked into the rules and ‘must do’s’ and guaranteed step by step blueprints of muggle marketing that’ll CUT YOU OFF from your guidance.

The very guidance that’ll make you successful.

I proclaimed that putting your #SoulFirst, becoming a #SoulFirstCEO is the ONLY way for spiritual entrepreneurs answering your calling to BE successful in business.

And I stand by it and this is just the beginning of a MOVEMENT!

And I’ve realised that in stepping up I’ve gotten even MORE committed to what I STAND for.

I stand for INSPIRING everyone in the world to make THEIR choice to walk their own path to their destiny.

I stand for COMMITTING to that path in every moment.

To ACCEPTING the difficulties, the judgement, the aloneness, the setbacks, the feeling like ‘it’s not working’

In FAITH. To carrying on ANYWAY.

To continuing to put your #SoulFirst and following your guidance no matter what.

To keep putting one foot in front of the other and TAKING the aligned actions…

To following your soul EVERY DAY.

And I’ve noticed in strengthening my own commitment, I have ZERO TOLERANCE for those who won’t commit.

For those who’s focus is on making excuses about why they ‘can’t’ or ‘don’t know how’ or ‘have tried and it didn’t work or it’s just too hard’.

I don’t mind if you have those moments – we ALL have those moments.

The difference is that when you’re committed, you pick yourself up EVEN IN those moments and take that next aligned step.

And it gets to look however it looks for you on your journey right now.

My one requirement is that you’re actively following your soul deeper into your mission every day.

If you’re looking for someone to validate your story of how hard it is.

Or to babysit you through every episode of inner drama…

I can’t and am choosing not to be here for you.

If you want to be part of my #SoulFirstCEO community, I’m asking you to put your money where your mouth is and COMMIT to following your soul every day.

And I get that we’re all in different places on our journey.

And I AM here for you wherever you’re at on that journey.

IF you’re commited to following your soul.

And if you’re a client and are having a meltdown, I’m totally here to support you through the process, guiding you back into the light.

But I can’t do it for you.

No-one can.

And although your ego is telling you your circumstances and struggle are different and special and really do mean that YOU are the one person on earth who actually CAN’T make the choice to put your #SoulFirst?

That’s actually all it is. A simple choice.

To commit to your SOUL.

Or to give it up to fitting in.

You can’t have a foot in each camp.

And it’s hard for me to say this to you because I DID have a foot in each camp for the longest time.

AND I got there – fully committed – in the end.

And I have no judgement for you if that’s where you are.

I love you. And I want to encourage you to keep going back and forth until you’re going forth MORE than you’re going back!

And eventually only going forth, imperfectly one step at a time like me.

But I can’t BE here for you any more.

I’m here for the ones who are committed and ALL my energy is going there.

We need an uncompromised space of committed souls and any dilution undermines it.

And it’s hard for my ego to cut you adrift because I DO love you and want to encourage you and want to help you along the way.

But BECAUSE I’m in a different space, at a different vibration, the only way I COULD actually help you is to come back to that old back and forth space.

And that would mean abandoning the committed souls I’m standing up for.

Abandoning myself. My soul.

And so, just like I preach, I’m taking this next step that my soul demands and asking you to unsubscribe and find someone who can help you through that part of the journey.

And if you’re staying? Let me know. Tell me what your commitment to your soul looks like right now.

It can be as small as journaling and taking one aligned action every day.

Or as big as putting your soul in charge of your business and making a STAND for what you believe in.

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