My friend Shari asked the other day what the word ‘hustle’ brings to mind and that was my answer!

Pushing and forcing myself to do things. Trying to HATE myself enough to get the world to love me!


Woah! How fucked up is that! And yet it’s what we’re brought up to do in our patriarchal western society!


And I know how I expressed it here is pretty dramatic – I was shocked when I saw what I’d typed!

But it’s true for me. And if you’re a driven perfectionist, disciplining yourself to the point of beating yourself up into doing things? It’s probably pretty close to the truth for you too!

And you might think that WITHOUT discipline, without your DRIVE to get the work done, you just wouldn’t get it done.


And it’s not true.


When you LOVE yourself into fully expressing your soul you achieve WAY more than you ever could with DISCIPLINE.


Think about it. DISCIPLINE – forcing yourself to do things at a certain time in a certain way is fear-based lack-thinking.


It’s driven from the fear that if you don’t MAKE YOURSELF do it in a certain time in a certain way then it won’t get done.


And that might’ve been true back in corporate!


But now you’re doing your SOUL’S WORK.


And when you deeply and completely love and appreciate yourself you CAN’T HELP but express your message to the world!


And from that space it’s PURER. There’s no attachment to ‘posting to get clients’ or ‘saying things that’ll make them buy’.


And those motivations only serve to filter your truest message and create a VEIL between you and your SOUL CLIENTS.


And you CAN find your ‘hustle’ from a place of that deep love and appreciation for yourself!


Yesterday I asked myself ‘If I FULLY loved and appreciated myself and allowed myself to follow my heart what would I do?’


And it turns out I’d do a LOT!


I’d continue messaging every day – with even more devotion!


I’d share my message in more places!


I’d livestream every day.


I’d create a space for a community of #Soulfirst Visionaries – to share the journey of loving our soul’s vision into being!


And this morning as the alarm went off in the dark at 6am and I asked myself ‘What would I do if I FULLY loved and appreciated myself?’ – the answer was ‘Do that yoga video that leaves my arms and legs wobbly!’


Because I LOVE to feel my body moving and to know my muscles have worked!


And sure, some mornings that answer might be ‘Lay in bed for an extra 20 mins’ and that’s cool too.


Because when you FULLY love and appreciate yourself you WANT to express your soul!


You’re not afraid to let go and get into the chaos of flow!!!


You’re happy to roll with ideas, knowing that if you end up changing things, or forget something that you didn’t ‘drop the ball’, there’s no need to beat yourself up for being ‘unprofessional’!

Because you KNOW your intentions are pure and that everything is always working out in the highest good for EVERYONE.


In short, when you FULLY love and appreciate yourself, you can BE in faith. And it’s ONLY in complete faith you can create the highest good sustainably.


And all the things I said I’d do if I fully loved and appreciated myself? I started to DO them yesterday.

And here’s the best bit – I did them with NO FEAR of what anyone thought or whether they’d ‘work’ or what they might or might not ‘get’ me.


And I’m committed to bringing myself back to that question throughout the day every day to stay on track.


So tell me;


If YOU fully loved and appreciated yourself and allowed yourself to follow YOUR heart. What would YOU be doing?


Comment below. I wanna know!


Put your #Soulfirst and your dreams follow!




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