I’m scared to fall…

And it’s stopping me from gliding and twirling and leaping and dancing like my soul wants me to.

But it feels like my entire being, my nervous system, my muscle memory, my fight or flight response, is ‘protecting’ me.

Stopping me from falling the way it’s designed to.

But falling is a way smaller risk than not gliding and twirling and leaping and dancing for me at this stage in my personal journey.

And let me be clear. This TOTALLY applies to my ice skating lessons.

AND it’s so much more.

I’d love to hold a live event, but every time I think of it my saboteur distracts or overwhelms me with something else.

Because I’m scared to ‘fall’. In this case sell no tickets.

I’m scared to really go for it marketing my coaching.

Because I’m scared to ‘fall’. In this case sell no coaching places.

But I’m not REALLY scared to fall.

Just like I’m not really scared to fall at ice skating!

Because in all of these cases I know I’d just get back up and keep going.

But my body, my nervous system, is POWERFUL.

So what do I do?

The old me would’ve just forced myself to do it. Beat myself up all the way.

And I’d probably have got it done.

But at what cost?

At the cost of learning I can only achieve by FORCING myself to do things when I feel unsafe.

At the cost of re-inforcing that I’m ‘not good enough’ unless I force myself to do these things.

That the only way to create what I desire from the deepest love for myself is by EARNING it through unpleasant tasks.

Just NOPE.

That’s completely out of integrity with all I stand for.

That as human beings. Children of the universe. We each deserve ALL we desire and we have no need to earn it.

Our work is to find a way to RECEIVE it with grace.

So here’s what I’m doing.


Leaning into the scary edges.

(Literally in ice skating – I have to lean over the outside edge of my left foot and that’s when my whole nervous system rebels!)

Noticing when the fear comes up (especially in my work because my inner saboteur disguises it as something else than fear!)

And rather than pushing through, doing things to counter the fear. To help me feel SAFE.

In ice-skating that involves learning from my coach. Noticing that I don’t have the fear on my right hand side and feeling into it then re-creating that feeling on the left.

And practicing. The more I do it the more my nervous system learns we’re NOT scared of this. We’re safe.

In my work, being REALLY present.

It’s so easy for me to get swept up in the doing of all the tasks and not notice that my energy’s shifted into the old-paradigm way of achieving.

I’m telling myself I have to DO all the things RIGHT to EARN what I want.

But in the world of online business you NEVER get it all done.

And for me, that means I can NEVER earn it! And that closes me off to RECEIVING with GRACE.

And the way through is bringing myself back to PRESENCE rather than letting myself get swept up in old thought patterns.

And honestly? Sometimes I have to REMIND myself.

That means checking in with myself before each task.

Checking that I’m taking this action from a place of feeling safe and supported by the universe and WANTING to engage in the task for the feeling of it.

Even though it’s out of my comfort zone – it feels amazing when I’m in the flow.

Just like when I’m gliding, one foot up behind me on a curve on the outside edge of my left skate! It feels soooo good!

And if my nervous system’s activated a fear response?

Reminding myself that I’m actually not afraid of what it’s trying to protect me from.

Not just in my brain – logic can’t help you overcome your central nervous system!

I start with logic to understand the fear. Then step back and ask myself what I TRULY believe in my faith.

Not the opposite of the fear. Not a positive affirmation that my nervous system calls out as bullshit a mile off!

What I TRULY believe.

And that is that even if I fall, I truly, deeply, completely love myself.

In fact I love myself even more for making the attempt.

That when I ACT from love I ATTRACT the results I desire.

And to keep acting from fear actually REPELS the very results I’m aiming for.

And that even if I ‘fall’ I’ll get right back up, learn the lessons and take whatever action I’m guided to from a place of love.

The feelings in your body when you’re in fear are REAL.

But you are not your fear. You’re not your body, you’re not your nervous system, you’re not your ego.

You are your SOUL. And your soul is not afraid.

Drop into your soul and let it guide you.

Develop a practice of presence. Because your nervous system, your ego, all the things that protect you from fear?

They’re not going anywhere!

Your work is to make them feel safe by bringing them back to the truth of your soul.

And when you feel SAFE and act from there? You’re acting in all of your infinite power.


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