I have a commitment to share my message every day. It’s totally aligned with me being the #Soulfirst leader  am.


And yet when I sit down to write I put a weird pressure on myself. It’s a kind of resistance and I know how to dissolve it. And that’s exactly what happened today.


Below is my journey of just writing whatever comes through, recognising the pressure and shifting into the truth and letting my message come through.


The first half is awkward and clunky, but I’ve left it for you so you feel the shift in my energy…


I get to sit here and write what I really want for me. And yes I’ve set a timer, but it’s not to rush myself, it’s to bring me back to the present and check in that I’m still aligned with my heart and soul.


Because when I’m aligned with my heart and soul the TRUTH flows through me. My channel is open and wisdom beyond my human experience can flow!


And yet an echo of past thoughts and behaviour lingers. The habits of a lifetime of believing that ‘figuring things out’ and ‘doing the tasks’ bring my results.


My idea of ‘work’ is figuring things out in my head. Figuring out the ‘right’ way to get the results I want and doing it. 


And I believed it served me well for many years.


Until I realised that it got the tasks done. It got the results I expected. But none of that was the results I truly DESIRED!


And today I see through the illusion that getting the ‘right’ name for my program and writing a ‘great’ sales page will bring my clients.

It’s actually self-sabotage to believe that!


The truth is the soul-clients who I’m here to serve will find me through my ENERGY.


My energy of deep knowing that I’m the one to guide them through THEIR over-achieving, over-thinker’s illusions into their deep faith.

 Their faith is solid. Their beliefs have changed, yet the habits of a lifetime linger and have them acting from FEAR not faith.


Just like my saboteur is trying to trick me into right now!

 But I’ve uncovered the core limiting beliefs that drive these illusions.


I’ve COMMITTED to returning to presence throughout the day. Checking in with my feelings.

Checking in with the beliefs I’m running. Transforming them into truth and taking action from a place of deep love for myself.

 And it’s not always perfect. Right now I’m feeling the pressure to write something and it’s bullshit.


If I was truly following my heart I wouldn’t be trying to write with a pomodoro-timer gun to my head.

I’d just be musing, pondering on how the Universe works.


Thinking about the way I feel when I read a note from the Universe or hear Abraham and I know it’s God talking to me.

 And when I hear words come out of my own mouth that I know are God’s words. And the look on my clients faces when they hear that truth delivered through me that they were ready to hear in that exact moment.


That’s what lights me up.


That’s why I do what I do!


It’s why you’re called to do YOUR work. Because of the way doing that work makes you FEEL.

You feel the RIGHTNESS of it. It’s just not possible that it could be wrong or unwanted or not good enough in any way.

 God wants it for you and for your clients and for the world and you know that deep down.


And God is guiding you to it with all the ideas that light you up!


And it’s only your illusions holding you back.


The illusions that you have to ‘figure out’ how to ‘market it’.


Or ‘package it up’ so your clients will want it!


FEEL the difference between the rightness of doing your work – the deep divine truth- and the illusion of marketing bullshit that makes you feel somehow ‘not enough’.


And commit NOW to follow the feeling of RIGHTNESS. Of TRUTH.


To KNOW when you’re in illusion, like I was at the start of this writing. To tap in and ask ‘if I was following my heart what would I be doing’. To be HONEST with yourself in the answer and then allow yourself to do what your heart guides you to.


I felt slight tension in my abdomen before I got to the part where I asked that question. And as soon as I replied to myself that I wouldn’t be doing THIS the tension dissolved.


Do you FEEL the shift in energy that happened live in the moment as I wrote this?


This is the work. 


Shifting into the loving, abundant, generous, aligned, energy of allowing and receiving and knowing and faith!


Because that’s what’ll bring the life you’re called to into being! Being in THAT energy.


Not striving to create an offer that’s ‘good enough’ and hustling your heart out to sell it!


Not getting into alignment with your vision through your morning routine only to bust yourself out of it as soon as you sit in front of your laptop!

And I get that the transition is hard!

But it gets easier.

Because you replace the old habits of pushing and striving with new habits of noticing what you’re feeling, and asking the questions that bring YOU back into alignment.


And when you COMMIT to prioritising that over the busywork, that’s when you get into FAITH, FLOW and  get fully booked with ease.


Just like my client Jane. She was stuck in her head just like you. And she was COMMITTED to making her soul’s work successful!


It took deep digging.


It took overcoming deep shame to stand proud in the very story she wanted to hide from the world and tell it to a packed out room of 100 people!


It took courage and determination to keep coming back to her faith and guidance, even when successful mentors were offering advice, to KNOW that her way was the best for her.


And it paid off with 23 discovery calls and fully booked with paying soul clients!


And I’m going to bring you a masterclass training, sharing the simple steps I take all my clients through that create unique daily practices, messaging, offers and RESULTS for each of them. AND a live interview with Jane.


It’s a couple of weeks off (I can barely get booked into Jane’s diary!). So comment below and I’ll add you to the list to pre-register.


And if you’re having that moment like Jane did a few months ago where you KNOW it’s time to make your soul-business work NOW? Contact me for details of how I can help you do it your way.

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