You KNOW your work changes lives. It changed YOUR life. So WHY does nobody want it?!

Because you’re not telling the TRUTH about it.

Because you don’t even SEE the full truth of your work. Of YOU.

Because it’s not your ‘thing’ – your coaching tool, your modality, your process that gets the results it’s YOU.

You transformed your LIFE. And your ‘thing’ helped you do it. And you knew you had to share it with the world and you set up this business.

And you’re PASSIONATE about it and you share how powerful it is but you SEE that people just don’t GET it!

And you attract people with the problem you had and you KNOW you can help them.

But they won’t buy!

They say it’s a money thing.

Or they’re just not ready.

And they’re either the wrong people – because it takes more than having the problem you solve to make them your client (more on that later).

OR they don’t see that it’s gonna work for them because you’ve not shared the FULL truth of how it worked for you.

Take Jane. She’s an EFT Tapping practitioner. Tapping helped her overcome childhood trauma and she set up her business to help others.

And she was struggling to attract clients.

Because she wasn’t telling the truth!

She wasn’t telling that she overcame an INCURABLE mental health diagnosis because she was ASHAMED of the diagnosis.

AND she wasn’t telling that it took MORE than EFT to overcome it. Because she didn’t even KNOW it!

It took BEING who she is!

The woman who said ‘FUCK THAT!’ to an incurable condition! Who wouldn’t accept that ANY diagnosis defines her. Who wouldn’t be WRITTEN OFF by the medical community!

And when she TOLD the full story unscripted to an event she’d PACKED OUT by owning her truth? She brought the house down!

And she got herself fully booked with soul clients!

But first she had to SEE it and that’s where I came in.

I SEE who you really are. Beyond your limp marketing. Behind the shame that has you trying ANYTHING but the truth to market your ‘thing’.

And I guide you into that truth, transmuting the shame into your glorious, powerful story as we go.

Because THAT’s what attracts your soul clients. The ones who ALSO have the very quality that enabled YOU to transform your life.

In Jane’s case her ‘Fuck that!’ attitude to the mental health diagnosis! The tenacious determination to have her struggles MEAN something and to use them to help other people.

THAT’S the stuff that’s a beacon to your soul clients because it reflects back what’s inside of them that they know will get them through this.

AND it repels the ones who ‘can’t afford it’ or won’t commit because they KNOW they’re not in that place to do whatever it takes. Doesn’t mean they never will be and for some your content will ACTIVATE that latent quality within them and over time they’ll become a soul client.

And best of all?

It LIBERATES you from that hangover of shame from your trauma (and by trauma I mean the struggle you overcame to transform your life for some it’s truly traumatic events, for others it can be a job loss, health challenge, family difficulty).

And that’s fucking priceless! To BE unashamed in the full power of who you are creating the business, the LIFE you always knew deep inside you were meant for. Your birthright.

And what it takes is a desire to become all that you are that’s bigger than your fear of digging into your shame. To want to be completely UNCOMPROMISING in expressing your soul’s gifts.

It’s absolutely NOT for everyone. It’s not for someone who wants to earn good money doing something they enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. But it won’t drive you to explore the depths of your soul and bring your most unique, powerful gifts to the world.

Is it you? Are you READY to do that work and to TELL your truth unashamed to magnetise your soul clients?

If it is? Join me in my 1:1 coaching program. You’ll be in your truth from day 1, our first full day intensive and with my support you’ll ALIGN fully with that truth so you can express it unfiltered and RECEIVE your soul clinets who have what it takes to transform their lives.

Contact me if it’s you and if it’s right we’ll get started straight away!

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