What does it mean to live #SoulFirst? And why should yo even DO it?


It literally means putting your soul in charge of how you live your life and run your business. Every decision you make, big or small. (Checkout my #SoulfirstManifesto  for more)

Letting go of ‘shoulds’ and ‘must’ have strategies. Letting go of your conditioning.

Discovering and admitting to the world who you REALLY are with no need to fit into anyone else’s agenda and standing naked asking for what you want with no guarantee of success.

So yeah, possibly the hardest thing you’ll ever do as a human! Lolllzzz!

And most folks don’t do it because they simply don’t even THINK of it – it’s just not an option.

But you’re different. You’ve ALWAYS known you were meant for more. You’ve always searched for a deeper meaning.


And now you have this massive calling on your life! To step up to a whole nother level in your business.


But even THAT doesn’t mean you have what it takes to live #SoulFirst. To become a #SoulFirstCEO.


What it takes is a DECISION. A decision to follow your soul even though it doesn’t make logical sense and you don’t know how.


And even THAT’S not enough! It’s a COMMITMENT to keep making that decision.

Because you get to make it every moment of every day!


To follow love, not fear. To transcend your need for survival in the moment and act from your highest self.


Your highest self who KNOWS you’re safe.

Who KNOWS your success, the clients, the money, the leadership of your soul fam, is a DONE DEAL.

And your commitment is to make every decision from THAT perspective. From LOVE for your highest self, not fear in every moment.


And it gets complicated as old conditioning plays out and your inner saboteur finds ever more wily ways to fool you!


And that’s ok. It’s not about perfection. It’s about growing your awareness and coming BACK to acting from your highest self.


And your commitment SERVES you. Because you don’t have to agonise over whether to go for it or not. You’re already committed!


That doesn’t mean it won’t be uncomfortable, but it saves a lot of agonising!


And When you go all in with your calling as your BUSINESS and choose to be a #SoulFirstCEO? It’s an even greater challenge to ignore the conditioning and the logical messages of what you ‘MUST DO’ to be successful in business!


But ignore it you must! You can ONLY create your soul’s highest good by FOLLOWING your soul in ALWAYS.


Anything else is watering it down. Compromise. NOT fulfilling your true potential. And one day dying with your most beautiful music still inside you.


And if you’re like me, and I think you are, that’s just NOT an option. It’s not even TRULY living. It’s just existing in the manufactured human conditioning we’ve created.


So! Do YOU have what it takes? Comment below and let me know.


And yep, it’s not for the faint hearted! But you don’t have to do it alone!


Join me this Thursday for my #SoulFirstCEO training. First 50 spots are free and there are still some available – sign up now below!


And don’t forget to let me know – are YOU a #SoulFirstCEO? It’s not about where you’re at right now, it’s a decison. Comment #SoulFirst if you’ve decided to be one of us!


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