I felt the butterflies in my tummy this morning – it’s Masterclass day!.

And the familiar aurge to press on. Get into action. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

But I’ve long known that’s bullshit advice and I’m calling myself out on it!

The nerves are natural – I want the Mssterclass to go well! To inspire people, to get great feedback and, for those who are ready, to receive them as clients.

And just because the nerves are natural doesn’t mean I should IGNORE them.

Because the nerves are my body telling me that I have some underlying FEAR about today.

And if I press on, I’ll get the TASKS done. But I’m not interested in the tasks.

I’m interested in the big picture results!

I’m interested in sharing my message UNFILTERED. From a place of ALIGNMENT.

Not from a place of trying to make results happen.

And if I ALLOW myself to go ahead with that fear active? It’ll change my energy and my behaviour.

I might ‘try to hard’ to be ‘what people want’.

And that distorts the message that wants to come through me.

That the very people I want to serve are calling through me!

And it puts me in an energy of ‘I have to do it right or else!…’

And that energy, of judging myself to be ‘right’ or not holds me apart from allowing the message and RECEIVING the clients I’m intending to co-create!

So no. I don’t feel the fear and do it anyway.


That momentary flutter of nerves was an opportunity for me to engage with my feelings.

But it’s not about staying there and wallowing in them.

At this stage I know my fears are like a distant echo of previous beliefs.

They’re activated by doing things I’ve done in fear in the past.

And although the beliefs aren’t real, my body’s fear reflex IS real. It effects my physiology, my behaviour AND my vibration.

If I let it.

But I know how to catch it quick before it gathers any momentum.

How? Because I committed to ALWAYS engaging with fears whenever I notice them.

To begin with, they had to get a lot worse before I noticed and were a lot harder to turn round!

Today, I noticed the flutter of nerves as I opened my hall cupboard to put my coat away.

By the time I’d hung it up and closed the door I was back in faith!

Having simply got curious;

‘Oh, nerves – I wonder what I’m afraid of?’

‘I’m a bit afraid I won’t have time to do my morning message and enough promo posts and show up on Instagram (a new habit!)’

In the past I would’ve judged myself for not doing all the things I ‘said I would’ and told myself ‘I wouldn’t get enough people on the Masterclass. Wouldn’t get any clients’.

And I hear the distant echo, but these are no longer my beliefs.

So I ask myself – what DO I believe?

That I can’t get this wrong. That my message is BIGGER than me. It’s a MOVEMENT and this is just the beginning!

That one Masterclass can’t make or break it!

That I receive the RESULTS I desire because I DECIDED to and I stayed ENGAGED with the desire through my aligned actions.

CHALLENGING fears and echos of doubts in every moment to STAY in faith.

That’s the work. Moment by moment.

And when you’re willing to do that? You BECOME the version of you you KNOW you were born to be.

Showing up fearlessly with no shame.

PROUD of your message and who you ARE.

You’re a BEACON calling in your soul clients.

You receive ALL your desires with ease.

Like my clients have.

To get fully booked. Have first 5-figire months. Launch the course that was in their soul they thought no-one wanted to £30K+ sales!

And like I’m sharing exactly how to in this afternoon’s Masterclass! 

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