I used to receive divine inspiriation for amazing ideas all the time.

I’d ACT on them in the moment, see them through then wonder WHY I STILL didn’t receive all the results I was hoping for.

Cos that’s how it works, right? Intention, aligned action, RECEIVING.

Well. That depends!

It depends on your vibe when you’re TAKING the aligned action.

And if you’re prone to OVERTHINKING and PERFECTIONISM? That’s where it’s going wrong!

I’d get the inspiration for a free training and I’d get into aligned action.

Sharing my idea, building the buzz.

And somewhere along the way I’d start to believe my ACTION was gonna create the RESULTS.

That I had to MAKE it all happen with my actions.

To post more. Write better copy. Get MORE sign-ups.

DO the training right!

MAKE the offer super-amazing-irresistible!

PITCH perfectly.

MAKE the sale.

And if I got ANY of it ‘wrong’ (for wrong, read imperfect 😉  )?

I wouldn’t sign the clients, make the sales hit my target.


Didn’t do it well enough.

Didn’t do it RIGHT.

And the real problem? Being in that vibe of trying to ‘do ALL the RIGHT things’, I could never be a VIBRATIONAL MATCH for my desires!

Never feel worthy. Never be open to receive.

And a part of me kinda knew it at the time. But I didn’t know how to NOT be that way!

And it’s only now, as I prepare to do an inspired free training tomorrow with ZERO ATTACHMENT to how many people show up or any other outcome…

That I can really FEEL the difference of being in FAITH.

Of KNOWING I don’t have to do ‘all the things’ to receive my soul’s desires!

I GET to show up in the moment and check in with my guidance.

KNOWING that I won’t get my website perfect, get the funnel up and running, build enough buzz in my group or get ‘enough’ new instagram followers in time for the training!

And knowing that that doesn’t matter!

Knowing I’ll be guided to take the actions that will put my message in the vicinity of those ready to HEAR it right now.

Those who have been ASKING for a coach like me to help them!

AND whether or not I ‘reach my target by the deadline’.

It doesn’t matter!

I KNOW with every fibre of my being that this is my path and the universe is guiding me to all I desire!

It doesn’t matter if it happens by some arbitrary cut-off point I’ve dreamed up!

Or in the way I think it SHOULD!

It happens when I am READY to receive.

When I’ve STAYED in faith, ENGAGED in the moment as I take action without attachment or fear.

The words of Abraham-Hicks ‘You can’t get it wrong and you’ll never get it done’ have never rung truer!

And I’m so proud of myself for finally BEING in this space after all my old perfectionism!

Want to learn how YOU can get here too?

Into FAITH, ALIGNED action and RECEIVING soul clients and money in FLOW?

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