All the asking ‘but hooooooowww???’ is just your brain fucking with you!

It’s just plain old procrastination disguised as ‘planning’.


Mental masturbation if you will.


It’s resistance dressed up by your inner saboteur so it seems legit and logical.


This is me speaking to myself by the way. But I know you relate.


Today my coach had me journal on everything I’d be doing if I was just following my heart because THAT is when everything just works.


And I felt the deep resonance of that and I also got quite emotional at the realisation of how much I’m STILL not doing it!


Despite all my efforts! And it’s all good. It’s just another layer and a choice I get to make right now.


And what came up in the journaling in ALL areas is that I’d just stop holding myself back!


Stop waiting to have more of a following to launch my program.


Stop waiting to have a name I like for it!


Stop waiting til I have a sales page I don’t hate!


Stop waiting to livestream every day.


Stop waiting to share my message all over the internet.


Stop waiting to have it all figured out.


Stop fucking asking HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Because I know how.


You wouldn’t BELIEVE the ideas I have ALL the frickin time and don’t do them!


Ask my clients.


Ask my friends who pay me in WINE for all the amazing ideas I give them that make them a ton of money in their business!


Why do I hold back?


Well that doesn’t really matter cos asking why I hold back is just another thing that holds me back!


The answer is I DON’T hold back anymore!!!!


And when I did it was only ever because I was SCARED!


Scared of losing control.


Scared that if I didn’t know HOW I was successful it wasn’t ‘sustainable’ or actually just didn’t count.


Scared things would get messy and out of control.


Well guess what? When you’re in flow things DO get messy and out of control! And that’s half the fun of it!


Neat and predictable and controlled are unnecessary and overrated and just bullshit conditioning that I am SO over!


Lovely, this doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be a process, an unravelling of layers of conditioning.


It gets to be a choice.


Just let go and join me in the crazy, uncontrolled white-water rapids of flooooowww!!!




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