Niches are for (Basic) Bitches!

Ok so I’m Scottish and I normally say it ‘neeshes’ but today I’m saying ‘nitches like bitches’ cos this title popped into my head and it’s too good to miss!

And it’s perfect for what’s on my mind today that I’m about to share with you;

Why marketers love niches

Why YOU feel like you need a niche (and yet why it feels so impossibly restrictive!)

What’s gonna magnetise your soul clients WAY better than any niche!

And of course why niches are for (basic) bitches! Lol! Love that title! 😂

Why Marketers Love Niches

Because a niche makes it EASY to find clients who are looking for the result you deliver and talk to them.

And that’s a good thing for muggle business owners who are looking to find a gap in the market they can fill.

But that’s not you.

You KNOW what you’re called to do and it feels out of integrity to artificially restrict it to ‘mums with kids under 8 and a love of macadamia nuts’

Or whatever trumped up avatar the marketers are trying to foist on you!

Your soul clients don’t fit a standard niche and neither do you.

BUT they DO have specific characteristics in common that’ll attract them to your aligned message (more on that later)

Why YOU Feel Like You NEED a Niche

Because it’s not just the muggle marketers doing a number on you.

Their ‘you must niche’ message is playing into your oh-so-human need to BE UNDERSTOOD.

This is such an ingrained need in us. It’s why we get so upset when strangers on the internet don’t get us!

It’s why we feel so angry when someone acuses us of LYING.

Because they think we’re someone we’re NOT.

They don’t UNDERSTAND us.

And when people don’t understand us, really when they can’t file us in a neat little box in their brain, they can feel UNCOMFORTABLE.

And they may not ACCEPT us.

And that’s what’s really going on here.

Your need to niche is your desire to be accepted.

Ooh! I’d totally highlight that as a Tweetable if Twitter wasn’t sooo over! Lol! 😂

And the truth is, It’s not your job to make sure you’re understood!

It’s your job to share your deeply aligned message and trust law of attraction (and consistently sharing it) to ATTRACT your soul clients who GET it.

What’s Gonna Magnetise Your Soul Clients WAY Better Than ANY Niche!

It’s you.

Not the version of you that believes you need a niche or any other marketing fuckery!

The deeply aligned you who IS enough.

Who has transformed your fears into divine truth.

Who has embodied your gifts and your own story of transformation.

Who knows and shares your aligned message from your soul on the daily!

Who really KNOWS yourself.

Because when you do,

You KNOW the challenges you faced

You KNOW what it took to get through it (your character)

You KNOW what you stand for (your values)

And THAT is your real ‘niche’

The people with the same (similar) CHALLENGES, CHARACTER and VALUES to you!

AND when you share with them HOW you overcame your challenges (your gifts / modality / process)?

They’ll want it to because they want to overcome it just like you did.

And you’re the embodiment of their hope, their belief that they can do it too because YOU were just like them.

And you’re just like who they want to be.

And they like you – because you’ve let your weirdness, geekiness, crazy sense of humour or obsession with something obscure shine through in your content!

And THAT magnetises soul clients better than ANY niche – no trumped up avatar required!

So Why ARE Niches for Basic Bitches?!

A niche is great for what my coach Rebecca calls ‘Basic clients‘ and what I renamed as ‘basic bitch clients‘ – just because I think it’s funny! 😂

A basic bitch client wants the results and doesn’t really care about your process (sound familiar? That’s the line the basic bitch marketers feed you!)

And those are the clients who are ‘looking for guarantees of tangible results’ which is code for want you to wave a magic wand and bring their clients.

And if you want those basic bitch clients by all means niche.

But they don’t have the faith in themselves to create the results they desire and you’ll both get frustrated and dissappointed.


You attract what Rebecca calls WISE clients.

The ones who know THEY are responsible for their results.

Who WANT to do the deep work.

Who VALUE the process and who they become AS MUCH AS THE RESULTS.

In other words? Your SOUL clients.

Want soul clients? DO NOT NICHE.


And if you’re READY to do that? I recommend my #SoulFirstCEO Initiation.


#SoulFirstCEO Initiation

It starts with discovering who YOU really are.

Because no ‘ideal client fucking avatar’ comes close to your PURE MAGNETISM when you know who you REALLY are and BE it.

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– Down to the deepest unconscious limiting beliefs that drive the sabotage
– Unwrapping the layers of shame that shroud your treasured gifts

– Into the undeniable, GLORIOUS truth of WHO YOU REALLY ARE

Your divine gifts

Your unbreakable character


Not the limited, self-conscious version you’re telling now.

The truth of what it TOOK for you to create your OWN transformation.

(Hint- it’s SO much more than you’re giving yourself credit for!)

To BECOME the leader, the guide you’ve answered the call to BE

All this in your first full day intensive with me and that’s not all!

Once we’re in your truth (and 100% of my clients discover their deeply grounded truth),

You’ll see PRECISELY who your soul clients are

And be able to ARTICULATE exactly how YOU uniquely co-create their transformation in the way only you can.

And as life-changing as that day is, it’s just the beginning.

Together we’ll co-create a daily practice that brings you into your embodied truth, showing up in your aligned message and making sales.

You begin to share your deeply aligned message YOUR WAY – not from any template or blueprint of mine (although I’m totally full of ideas to help you) – but from your SOUL.

Your OFFERS spring forth naturally. Fully downloaded from the universe and BURSTING through you into the world!

And you’ll create your OWN totally practical and grounded way to SELL that feels easy for you.

As well as the full day intensive you’ll receive;

Unlimited messenger support

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