Tasks breed! And they’re ADDICTIVE. And will kill your alignment if you let them!

Not to mention your body and soul!

I actually came out with that phrase ‘tasks breed’ as I was talking to my coach about all the AMAZING ideas I have for my business.

It’s great to have so many amazing ideas.

But I know I can get caught up in them. Addicted to the dopamine hits of ticking the boxes on my to-do list!

Congratulating myself on pretty PDFs with killer taglines.

And when I do? I’m OUT OF TOUCH with my audience!

And when I finally launch my pretty opt-in, no-one cares!

And I tell myslef it must be crap and go back to the drawing board until my next ‘aha’ and start the cycle again!

Because the task of making an opt-in leads to the task of creating a funnel.

And creating a challenge for my group.

And updating my salespage…

And… and…

3 weeks sat behind my computer not engaging with anyone but feeling really clever!

IF I let it.

But I’m wise to myself these days.

I’m wise enough to know that it’s not the perfect opt-in / funnel / chalenge that brings my clients.

But BEing in the game.

Creating AND engaging.

My perfectionist brain that craves completion wants to lock myself away and do all the things…

AND THEN engage with my audience and receive my clients.

And that’s sending a big fat message to the universe saying;


It’s like saying you’re closed for business.

And even when you’re not actively taking on clients, if you don’t stay ENGAGED with your audience, next time you come to launch, you could be launching to crickets!

So what to do? Here’s what I do to stay engaged AND create new things for my audience.

1. Engage FIRST every day!

I have a daily practice in my business. First I write my message from the heart and post it.

Then I ENGAGE with new followers, people I like to follow and groups that I’m in.

Then I CREATE i.e. make that killer opt-in, make content for my funnel or courses or challenges.

Then I engage with my current clients.

THEN I do short bursts of engagement througout the day (10 mins chatting on Instagram when I’m waiting to collect the kids etc)

THEN I do more creating.

2. Let ideas flow when they flow

I’m not a machine though! This morning ideas were flowing when it was time to write my message.

So I set a timer and played with some wording for a bit.

I wrote notes of what I want to include in my new freebie and even started a cover page for it.

Then I came back to my daily message.

Doing it this way keeps me fresh too, instead of forcing myself to write the whole freebie in one sitting.

I capture ideas when they’re fresh and dip in and out.

And my freebie gives me ideas for my posts and vice versa.

Like a cross-pollination.

It feels organic and flowy and free!

3. Always be creating!

Because you ARE always creating anyway when you’re in flow!

I’m always getting new ideas for free and paid courses and challenges and trainings for my FB group.

So I give myself time EVERY DAY to be creating.

This has been HUGE in breaking my desire to race to have everything completed and perfect!

Because I KNOW it’ll never be done and I’m ALWAYS creating.

And I love it!

And sometimes every task DOESN’T get ticked off the list and that’s a GOOD thing!

Because as I engage with my audience along the way I find simpler ways to get stuff out there!

And I don’t NEED to tick every box in my elaborate plan!

My creative ideas have LIFE these days!

And survive long enough to see the light of day because I nourish them with the life-force energy of engagement with my audience.

It’s a beautiful thing!

Let go of your addiction for getting things finished in your ivory tower and enjoy the creative journey!

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