Spiritual business advice

Your soul CALLED you to this work. You FELT it.

You didn’t THINK it or PLAN it or LOGIC it all out!

In fact you probably RESISTED it like crazy!

But your soul’s calling is STRONG and
eventually you couldn’t ignore it.

And that soul’s calling will take you ALL THE WAY to your MASSIVE scary/exciting vision inside of you.

If you’ll let it.

But you KNOW you’re still holding back.

Wondering if anyone wants what’s bursting through your soul
(hint: they DO that’s why it’s bursting through you!)

Wondering ‘Who am I to do this?’ (You’re the one who’s called and that’s all you need to know!)

Wondering HOW the hell to market and sell it!

And THIS is where conventional business wisdom is DANGEROUS for your spiritual business!

This is where you’re tempted to learn strategies and marketing and take ‘sound business advice’.

But 99.9% of the BUSINESS ADVICE out there is NOT FOR YOU.

It’s based on old paradigm logic that comes from your OVERTHINKING BRAIN.

Cue massive doubts and overthinking and feeling not good enough and the most dangerous part of all…

COMPROMISING your soul’s gifts.
COMPROMISING your soul’s message.

COMPROMISING your frickin destiny!


And it’s your inner guidance, your intuition, your soul’s calling that will bring your massive mission to reality!

ANYTHING else. And I mean ANYTHING else, no matter how cool it seems or how much you sell, is a watered down version.

And that is NOT your destiny and you know it.

Whether you’re new to business OR have been around the block with the online marketing shenanigans, you’re vulnerable to this shit!

Do me a favour and DON’T get sucked into this! You’ll be doing yourself, your clients and the WHOLE FREAKIN WORLD a favour!

Your work is to;
Silence the sabotaging voices in your head
Tap into your guidance

And have the courage to FOLLOW IT one step at a time to your DESTINY baby!

And I KNOW (better than anyone!) that that’s easier said than done!

So come over to #SoulfirstCEOs Secret Hideout and I’ll help ya! Laura <3


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