They’re IN your vortex.

And YOU are out there looking for them like a headless chicken – or worse! A MUGGLE fricking marketer!

Damn! Somebody lit a fire 🔥 in me today! And I realised I FORGOT that not everyone knows this.

AND I forgot that even the ones who DO know it forget it
and start acting all muggle-y!

And it’s my job to show up and remind you that;


And yes, I know what it’s like to forget this!


To ask;


❓Does anyone really want this?


Are my clients ‘out there?’ (No! They’re fucking not!)


Wouldn’t I make more sales if I...(sold the same old shit as everyone else!)


It’s NORMAL for this sort of mind shit to come up whenever you’re INSPIRED with your next-level offer!


And your work right now is NOT to agonise over it.


It’s certainly NOT to do market research like a fucking muggle!

Your work is to REMEMBER who you are
– a conscious co-creator


REMEMBER how the universe works;

You ask. It is given. Your work is to ALIGN with the done-ness of it and follow the guidance!

And remember!

You DON’T get inspired ideas just so YOU can selfishly make a nice thing you want.

YOU are a co-operative component in your SOUL CLIENTS MANIFESTATION!!!

And all the time you’re agonising over what’s ‘out there’?

You’re not BEING the co-operative component and you CAN’T meet your clients where they need you!! You can’t attract soul clients consistently!

*catches breath*

Now. If you’ve been sucked into the ever-decreasing-circles of doubt here’s what to do;

Back off! Just acknowledge that you don’t have to figure it all out this second.

BREATHE!  Aaaaah, that’s better isn’t it!

Now if you’re really wound up, go for a walk, dance it out, exercise, whatever works for you.

And when you’ve relaxed a bit…

Re-connect with your idea 💡

What EXCITED you so much about it?!

WHY is it so important to you?


WHY are YOU the one to do it?

WHAT will it DO for the people who buy it?


WHY should they JUMP at the chance?

WHO are they? (Intuitively, not ‘out there’)

IMAGINE working with them.

Ooooh there it is, you’re in the juice now! REVEL in it!


NOW, from that place as the person who sold out this AMAZING program ask yourself;

What’s aligned for me to do today?

And do it.

Rinse and repeat until you’re there.

You’re welcome!

THAT is how you attract soul clients consistently 🙂

Laura 🙂

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